/EINPresswire.com/ www.McKenson-Invest.com is a professional online networking site that connects investors looking for new investment opportunities with entrepreneurs seeking funding.

The role of McKenson-Invest.com is to facilitate contacts between investors and entrepreneurs. The platform provides subscribers with free access to its presentation sheets on display.

After clicking on the button for the sign-up page, users register by mentioning their own email address and password. Then they complete the fields in the profile pages in order to appear later in the search results of others members: they describe their product or service, select the sector and the country where the project is located and indicate the amount of funding. Thereafter, entrepreneurs and investors can submit projects online.

The visitors, once connected to their personal space on the website, have the ability to send or receive emails and chat with subscribers who express an interest in their project. They can preserve the history of the messages exchanged. The usefulness of using a pseudonym generated by a random process instead of the real name in the profiles resides in the ability to maintain complete anonymity during the navigation. The site, which exists in English, French and Spanish, allows users to view online business plans and investment projects, where all the important information is accessible thanks to a search tool that filters the results by country, sector or keyword.

Against a background of international financial crisis, McKenson Invest offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to approach angel investors easily and it is a great way for private investors to turn to emerging countries in order to find projects with high potential.

New information posted on the website is thoroughly moderated to guarantee the confidentiality of the data, according to the proposed conditions of use.

About McKenson Invest:

Launched in July 2009, McKenson-Invest.com is an online networking service that connects entrepreneurs with investors. Visitors must register before using the site, after which they describe the business plan or investment project. Additionally, they can save other contacts as favorites and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they send emails. Founded by Harley McKenson, the website was initially dedicated to Africa, a continent which becomes a more attractive place to invest than it was before.

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Harley McKenson
McKenson Invest

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