/EINPresswire.com/ Romance & Revolution is a compilation of poetry and prose that attempts to give a voice to the aspirations of liberating the human soul from the chains of poverty, prejudice and anything else that might inhibit it from achieving it’s fullest potential of happiness. From political poetry that can be vitriolic and incendiary to patriotic and heartfelt, to romantic verses that express an intense love for women, to philosophical poems about religion, evolution, joy and sports, Romance & Revolution is a poetic expression of the author’s worldview that is expansive and inclusive of a wide myriad of concepts and ideas found within the human experience. The prose section of this tome features a few essays which intend to spark intelligent and reflective thought and dialogue amidst the reader and the people she/or he comes in contact with. Not everyone will agree with everything that is written here, but it is sure to provoke a strong response in the reader’s mind.

Currently, wide discontent has been voiced by masses of people nationally and worldwide, demanding changes in economic and political policy. Romance & Revolution is a book of poetry that is culturally relevant as an expression of discontent and as an addendum to the cultural component of defiance to the present power relations.

Michael Serna is a poet/artist/activist living in New York City. He is a writer/poet/artist who seeks to foster creative and practical philosophical discourse and dialogue through written, spoken word and visual art. His love of poetry awakened with the first tome of Pablo Neruda’s love sonnets he picked up as a teenager. Since then he has tried to emulate Neruda’s work in his, by writing poetry that combines the political with the romantic. In addition to being a poet and writer, Michael Serna is a painter of Neo-Constructivist works and has been engaged in numerous political campaigns and demonstrations throughout the years.

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