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John Jantsch, CEO and author of Duct Tape Marketing, published his annual list detailing predictions that will shape small business in 2012.

Limiting the list to five key insights, Jantsch emphasizes the practicality of small business owners when picking up trends.

“Predicting trends for small businesses is a little like predicting the weather,” Jantsch said. “You really have to live in the small business world to have a feel for just how uniquely they view things.”

Jantsch’s list starts out with foreseeing social networks evolving into markets. The next prediction is content shifting from simply informative to persuasive. He then discusses the power of mobile marketing over local. Prediction number 4 is the increased value of community in customer service. The final foresight is search becoming app dominated.

As a contributing writer for American Express Open Forum since 2008, Jantsch began this prediction practice in 2010 and due to popularity continued it the following two years. In addition, AMEX Open Forum has asked Jantsch to contribute his expert advice on small business, social media, effective marketing tools, etc.

The 2011 year predictions included the standardization of social media, the landing of mobile marketing, online to offline marketing as strategy, networked referral automation and apps beating out the web.

To see Jantsch’s 2012 predictions, visit: http://www.openforum.com/articles/5-trends-that-will-shape-small-business-in-2012. Also, take a look back for more on the 2010 list and 2011 list to see how they played out.

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