/EINPresswire.com/ Home improvement contractor referral website announces national expansion on all things flooring installation related.

One of the leading sources on the web for anything home improvement related, FixTheHome.com, announces national coverage of flooring installation contractors. These contractors cover all major types of flooring including hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl and tile. This national coverage on FixTheHome.com means that the website now has the ability to connect a homeowner with multiple flooring installation estimates no matter where they live in the USA.

Flooring installation can vary in project scope based on several factors. Typically, the type of material and the base flooring that the new floor is being installed on make the most difference. Depending on these factors, a more skilled and experienced flooring installation contractor may be needed. With FixTheHome.com being involved in home improvement estimate referrals since 2003, the company has the expertise to prescreen the best floor contractors in a given area.

In order to take advantage of the easy to use online flooring installation estimate platform that the website now offers, a homeowner should take notes on what they may need and then enter in the best description as possible in to the form on FixTheHome.com The typical response time where the homeowner should expect flooring installation estimates is about 24-48 hours. Most homeowners will receive up to three competitive price quotes from licensed contractors.

Since 2003 FixTheHome.com has been a reliable and trusted online contractor referral website. FixTheHome.com is a national contractor referral website dedicated to connecting home owners to free estimates from prescreened contractors. They have connected thousands of home owners with free estimates and contractors for home improvement projects. The fact they now have national coverage for all things related to flooring installation means they can assist the homeowner no matter where they are located in the country. Fore more information visit: http://www.fixthehome.com/flooring/

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