/EINPresswire.com/ CharityChoice now offers delivering its charity gift as an eCard, printed from a computer, posting on Facebook and can be bought with a Mobile phone. Next day shipping available for physical cards.

CharityChoice Gift Cards, the nonprofit pioneer and a leader in recipient-designated charity gifts, now offers the most varied options for charity gift cards, and the most ways they can be bought and delivered, of any charity website on the Internet. CharityChoice offers eCards, plastic cards, biodegradable cards, recycled card stock, downloadable codes and cards printed from your own computer. Denominations range from $2 to the popular $25, $50 and $100 cards. CharityChoice gift cards are 100% tax deductible.

Their Christmas Tree eCard, as well as many other cheerful holiday graphics, can be sent electronically or delivered via a Facebook account at checkout, to be posted upon a friend’s wall. Charity Stocking Stuffers are also offered as $2 and $5 physical gift cards, which can still be ordered this week for holiday party favors, with options for next day delivery. These are printed on recycled card stock. This is a wonderful way to add a charitable dimension to parties, family gatherings and to educate children about the true meaning of celebration.

The unique Holy Land Gift Card offers many different graphics of holy sites, with the capability of customization with a holiday greeting and title. The gift-recipient can designate the donated funds towards charities doing social welfare in the Holy Land. There are 10 carefully selected, most worthwhile charities to choose from; helping the hungry, orphans, victims of terrorism and their families, disabled, injured soldiers and emergency services.

Many lend their unique expertise and provide emergency teams to assist disaster relief worldwide, providing care to all in need, regardless of race, nationality and religion.

Purchase and redemption of CharityChoice cards can now be done at ccgift.mobi with a mobile phone.

“We think that consumers will find our Charity Gift Card to be the perfect last-minute solution for their holiday gifting,” said Daniel Goodman, President of CharityChoice. “Let’s use our new technologies for a higher purpose, elevating our holiday gift-giving with meaningful gifts that help others, when more are in need than ever.”

About CharityChoice Gift Cards

CharityChoice (www.ccgiftcards.org) is the nonprofit pioneer and leader in recipient-designated charity gifts. The charity gift platform is a project of Special Kids Fund (www.specialkidsfund.org), an umbrella organization for special needs children. Gifts benefit over 600 major national and local charities on our redemption list, with administrative fees also going towards helping our special kids; so it is charitable all around.

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