A Newly Published Love Story, Thirteen Years In The Making By 72 Year Old A. J. Monkiewicz. A Very Private Secret Love Story And Afterlife Love Experience.

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A. J. Monkiewicz 72, who resides in Costa Mesa, CA. took 13 years to pen this love story of two star crossed lovers who meet in the autumn of their years, their lives comfortably in place, neither looking for love, find themselves helplessly drawn to each other unable to escape the love, passion and destiny that awaits them. Patricia’s premature death interrupts their fated love. It’s then, the sheer veil that separates the dead from the living is broken with the power of her love so strong, she spiritually returns breaking all the rules in heaven and earth to communicate, helping to ease his pain and guilt, asking of him to write a book, telling their story.

This romantic novel is a heart and spiritually revealing story promising to take you on a roller coaster ride of tears, fears and side splitting humor making you laugh as hard as you cry, learning at the end ‘True love means never having to say goodbye….’


Anthony grew up in a poor, tough section of Philadelphia, taught early in life men don’t cry. He worked hard during the day and attended college at night majoring in business. He married young and after finishing school, headed to California searching for an opportunity. He, after a time made a comfortable living, owning a beautiful new home, a luxurious 42 foot yacht at his dock and two new luxury cars in his garage living the ‘American Dream’ until he met a woman called Patricia who changed his life from that moment on.

“I’m thankful I wrote this book at this late time of my life, as I couldn’t have written it twenty years earlier for lacking the maturity and experience of life.” said A.J. He went on to say, “If just one reader gains from the messages and experiences contained in this book, the hours and years sacrificed, along with the tears shed will have been worth it.”

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Book Statistics:
ISBN: 978-1-4134-3391-3
Size and Format, 5×8 Paperback. Page count 315
Genre Fiction from True life, Love, Romance and Comedy