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We now live in a data driven society in which we use surveys to gather data to predict sells progressions, the effectiveness of schools, customer satisfaction, how well your product preforms, and the performance of our workers. Given this intense change in how we do business, over the past 5 years, more than 160 online survey companies have been created. While these companies provide a very needed service, how do we ensure that the answers to our survey questions are reliable and useful?

Survey reliability is important because it assesses the effectiveness of a survey. For instance, if you measured yourself with a tape measure and it showed you at 6 feet. Then you measured yourself again and it showed you at 5’11”. Then another time the tape measure showed you at 6’1”. You would question the reliability of the tape measure. You would then look to find a tool that would be more reliable. For surveys, reliability scores helps you determine if your survey will give you reliable answers you can use.

In a survey, Relicheck LLC found that while 20% of 100 people stated that reliability to their survey questions was important, only 5% had used systematic methods for assessing survey reliability.

Of the over 160 online survey sites, Relicheck (www.relicheck.com) is the first and only survey site that allows users to create a survey, deliver their surveys, and assess the reliability of the answers on a survey and the effectiveness of the questions on a survey.

For more information about surveys and survey reliability: visit http://relicheck.com or contact us at [email protected]

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