/EINPresswire.com/ The success of the affiliate platform of the video game digital distributor Gamingator.com triggered a growth of its network of affiliates that are attracting user traffic towards the site.

The company owner of Gamingator.com announced today that for the last 2 months after the launch of its affiliate program there have been around 200 active affiliates registered that generate traffic towards the platform.

“Around 3% of all visitors of the website that are generated through affiliates are making a purchase, which is due to our attractive banners and the fact that we publish promotional offers for games on the banners. This assists the customers who are trying to purchase hit titles on reasonable prices to make an easy choice,” the website crew added.

According to them an extra motivation for the affiliates is the high commission rate and the fact that the recorded browser cookies of forwarded consumers last 60 days.

Gamingator.com partners with ShareASale and has with its own platform installed on the portal, which offers dynamic banners with games on discounted prices. The portal’s affiliates can get access to discount coupons for 5% to 15% through ShareASale, which they can distribute to their own visitors and in this way assist in purchasing games on sale.

Gamingator’s crew claims that the affiliate marketing in the video gaming sector is a core indicator for success and they are happy with the growing rate of making loyal partners.

The team behind Best Games Media Group has been dealing with game distribution and Internet marketing for two years now. Their major project, Gamingator.com, is the up-and-coming online game store that offers a selection of quality PC games answering the needs and wants of the players. The company functions on an international level using effective, innovative and carefully executed e-marketing strategies. It is constantly collaborating with publishers, affiliates, developers and other entities from the gaming industry.

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V. Nikolova

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