Boca Raton, Florida ( GHG Spirits announces the engagement of Brenda Lee Hamilton of Hamilton & Associates as its corporate and securities counsel to oversee its compliance with U.S. securities laws. Hamilton & Associates represents publicly traded companies in securities matters and stock exchange listings. The firm provides services to issuers domestically and abroad in corporate and securities matters.

GHG Spirits is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bentonrasse Gesellschaft, S.p.A. a niche spirits distributor and marketer located in Warsaw. The company recently launched its nutritional themed vodka line and plans to distribute its new products in the U.S. and Latin America beginning mid 2012. Jurgen Marzec, the CEO of Bentonrasse stated, “we look forward to our new product launch in North America next year”.

Bentronrasse is a producer of spirits and is one of the largest niche infused spirits distributors worldwide. Operations in Poland and Hungary form a large part of the company’s business. Jurgen Marzec, the CEO of Bentonrasse stated “The rapid growth of the demand for niche spirits products in Eastern Europe has motivated us to increase our legal and overall staff to accommodate our growth. Ms Hamilton’s expansive understanding of U.S. and European securities laws during our expansion brings us world class representation as we navigate through the complexity of cross border securities laws and a U.S listing”

For additional information or to further discuss these matters, investors should contact either:

Brenda Lee Hamilton, Attorney

Hamilton & Associates


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Jurgen Bentonrasse

Bentonrasse Gesellschaft, S.p.A.


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