/EINPresswire.com/ Love My Pets GPS LLC has just lowered the cost of its Award Winning GPS Pet Tracking device. Now with No Activation Fee and No Monthly Fees, tracking pets has never been easier.

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” So said the great Irish poet Oscar Wilde. For some people understanding the value of something can be difficult, however, Love My Pets GPS understands the value and worth of pets. Love My Pets GPS has been dedicated to affordable pet safety products that help to prevent accidents and prevent loss of our pets.

Pet visibility is critical this time of year when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Love My Pets GPS has long been know for its exclusive reflective glow in the dark dog collars. The collar provides excellent protection not only for pet but also the pet owner. Using the reflective glow in the dark dog leash also adds another layer of pet protection during this time of year while we walk our pets. A Reflective Dog Leash can help make a pet owner and pet more visible to traffic thus making the walk much safer.

Love My Pets GPS now announces new pricing for the award winning GPS Dog Collar and Dog Harnesses. Mary Ann McNutt, Director of Marketing And Sales for Love My Pets GPS notes: “In order to reduce cost of entry in using one of these devices that enables one to track your pet in real time online, Love My Pets GPS has removed all activation fees and monthly fees in using the GPS pet tracking device. Love My Pets GPS knows that losing ones pet can be devastating. Having this additional protection for your pet enables one to track a pet online, establish a geo-fence that will alert a pet owner when the pet has strayed past a predefined point. Love My Pets GPS has now made the ultimate pet safety device affordable.”

Most pet owners know the value of their pets and how much they mean to them. Understandably, doing everything possible to protect dogs is a priority. Helping pet owners to protect pets is what Love My Pets GPS pet safety products do. Love My Pets GPS provides all the tools to help pet owners safely protect pets. A holiday special of only 179.95 For a Pet safety collar with a GPS device is now available while supplies last. The Pet safety Reflective Dog Harness with GPS Device sells for 189.95. Please visit LoveMyPetsGPS.com for more information.

About Love My Pets GPS, LLC, is a SC limited liability company with its corporate offices located in Louisville, KY. Love My Pets offers the revolutionary Love My Pets GPS Pet Safety Collar, a Web-based pet recovery system featuring a GPS locating and tracking solution and safety collar designed to support the owner’s immediate recovery efforts of lost pets. The collar also helps protect the pet from darkness-related accidents, with superbly engineered glow-in-the-dark banding and a material with one of the highest reflective values on the market. The system’s award-winning GPS unit locates and tracks both outdoors and in—even in heavily wooded areas and inside buildings—using both state-of-the-art GPS technology and cellular signals. To order, visit www.lovemypetgps.com or call 1-888-LUV-R-PET (1-888-588-7738). For media questions, contact Mary Ann McNutt 941-468-6643 or e-mail [email protected]

Mary Ann McNutt
Love My Pets GPS

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