Ken Buckman, the CEO of Tradetec, a Chicago Event Marketing firm, was recently interviewed by CEO IntroNet. Buckman shared some inspiring insights of how Tradetec was able to weather the storm during a downturned economy.

/ LOMBARD, IL — Ken ‘Bucky’ Buckman, CEO of Tradetec Skyline, a company selling trade show displays in Chicago, was recently featured in an interview published on

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During the interview, Buckman shared how his company is adapting to the changing world of trade shows and how Tradetec Skyline works diligently to keep costs fixed for each trade show stand in Chicago, meaning customers won’t have surprises when the final bill arrives.

“We design amazing trade show displays, but what really sets us apart is our predictive budgeting. We’ve made an effort over the last three years to make the billing process less painful, so we guarantee fixed labor and fixed freight costs. We want the budget you get upfront to be the budget you pay in the end. Aside from budgeting, companies want to know how they can get more viable traffic into their booth. That’s what the Board wants to hear at budgeting time. So we are providing more around marketing services that are technology driven that can prove to get 40% more traffic to your booth,” said Ken Buckman, CEO of Tradetec Skyline (

In addition to the one on one interview, Buckman also took part in a break out panel discussion focusing on the economic outlook for 2012. Buckman and the other panelists, Tim McGuire of Cutters Studios and Deborah Sawyer of Environmental Design International, all agreed that the outlook for 2012 is good, especially in the marketing and environmental services worlds. All three have reported a hiring surge, and this is a trend that the Chicago trade show exhibits company expects to continue through 2012.

“Optimism is huge for growing business in 2012; it takes a positive attitude and focus to move forward after this recession. Change in business made us leaner and smarter. Tradetec Skyline is reinventing ourselves, learning more about what the customer needs to drive traffic to their booth and assist them in Event Marketing, not just Exhibits,” said Buckman.

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About Tradetec Skyline:
Since 1999, Tradetec Skyline has provided clients with portable, modular and custom exhibits– boasting one of the industry’s largest rental display fleets — as well as award winning design, storage, online event management, and marketing. Tradetec Skyline delivers documented lead enhancement through trade shows, special events, corporate meetings, as well as lobby and showroom installations. Tradetec Skyline was a winner of the INC 5000 fastest growing companies in America award in both 2008/9 and 2009/10.

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