/EINPresswire.com/ Tim Curry, a founding member of the Cruxshadows, best known for his guitar work on the Cruxshadows’ ‘Night Crawls In…’ and ‘Telemetry of a Fallen Angel’ CD’s, releases ‘Pocketful of X-Rays,’ the first full-length CD from his dark wave band, Sapphire Rebellion.

Independent artist and producer, Tim Curry, releases the first full-length CD from his act, Sapphire Rebellion, a 320-run limited pressing entitled, ‘Pocketful of X-Rays.’ While stylistically reminiscient of the first two Cruxshadows’ albums, ‘Night Crawls In…’ and ‘Telemetry of a Fallen Angel,’ Sapphire Rebellion blends elements from dark wave, gothic, and industrial music into a sound that is frequently compared to renowned dark wave bands like Peter Murphy, Joy Division, and The Cure.

After first finding success as the guitarist of the original Cruxshadows, Tim moved on after five years with the group to pursue his own music and learn the craft of music production. For years, he worked as a programmer during the day, and in the evening tirelessly perfected his songwriting, performance, and mixing skills.

Realizing in late 2009 that the 40-hour-a-week job was becoming an obstacle to his musical ambitions, he resigned. But duplicating the musical success of his early years has proven a challenge for the veteran performer. Two years have passed since he left the work force. With only his life savings supporting him, creating an income via music has been elusive. “I was confident that I’d be breaking even after one year; I’m not, and my savings are almost gone,” Tim recounts. He goes on to say, “A lot is riding on this release; it will determine my immediate future course of action.”

The release, entitled, ‘Pocketful of X-Rays,’ includes seven original songs, all written and performed by Tim, and a cover of Planet P Project’s ‘Why Me?’ a song that Tim identifies strongly with at times, being a struggling musican.

Tim relates,”The bulk of my time is spent finding people who might like the music I make and convincing them to listen to it.” In that regard, Tim is still determined to find fans that will love his particular dark wave style of music and gives away the first track, ‘Radio Commander’ from ‘Pocketful of X-Rays’ at: http://www.sapphirerebellion.com/rcfree-download

Fans of dark wave, goth, or industrial music, as well as fans of dark wave bands like The Cruxshadows, Joy Division, Peter Murphy, or The Cure will enjoy the sounds of Sapphire Rebellion.

About [Sapphire Rebellion] Tim Curry is an independent artist and producer. He was a founding member of the now internationally known Cruxshadows. As a producer, he helped the US-based Girls on Film make it from the attic to the touring circuit. He tours regularly to build his fanbase for Sapphire Rebellion.

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