Farmers report increased productivity and NH3 application rate accuracy.

/ Oelwein, IA – Quality Plus Mfg, a developer and manufacturer of innovative farming and agricultural equipment, today announced the launch of its Flow Assist™ product line. The patented Flow Assist™ NH3 Application System is now available for immediate sale through the Quality Plus network of independent dealers and distributors.

“We developed the Flow Assist to help farmers improve the overall accuracy and consistency of anhydrous ammonia application,” said Dan Forsyth, president of Quality Plus Mfg. “There is not another product on the market that will help you effectively apply anhydrous ammonia during cold weather like you can with the Flow Assist.”

The Flow Assist™ NH3 Application System was developed specifically to assist anhydrous ammonia application equipment during cold weather operation. By helping maintain nurse tank head pressure, the Flow Assist™ allows you to apply anhydrous ammonia on cold or cloudy days in a similar manner to warm weather operation. Farmers using the Flow Assist™ NH3 Application System have reported increased crop yields, more consistent and accurate application rates and exceptional low temperature application results.

“The Flow Assist is a new and completely unique product in the agribusiness community,” added Forsyth. “During our research and development we were able to work in far lower temperatures than ever before. Once our customers used it, they refused to go to the field without it.”

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Quality Plus Manufacturing is a privately held manufacturing company headquartered in Hazleton, Iowa. With a focus on superior engineering and product development, Quality Plus has been a provider of quality agricultural equipment such as conveyors, seed treatment systems and ammonia application systems since 1995. Additional company information can be found on their website

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