When Will the White House Wake up? We Have the Solutions to the Current Mess.

/The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us./

How the Word became flesh and why would Jesus want us to eat his flesh? How does all this make sense?

Not only does all this make sense the day we recognize the true meaning of these insights and when we fully implement and support these insights we will become like Jesus – supermen. These lines show the evidence to the source of the true power of life.

It is extraordinarily clear that Jesus is the light/knowledge of life. He is first and foremost the Word that became flesh. Thus Jesus is information that became flesh. Jesus came as flesh that was the Word before and after He left again to join GOD he became Word again. So now Jesus is no longer flesh just Word. It is in the shape of the Word that Jesus is offering man to eat Jesus. The question is how does one eat the Word that is Jesus?

The clue is in understanding how the brain and mind work. It is the mind that has access to reality through the five senses. The mind perceives reality in words and passes it on to the brain that biochemically processes it physically. This physical process in the brain alters the brain physically ever so slightly. So the mind catches the word in language which alters the brain physically. The word changes the brain physically by becoming a part of the brain. The word becomes flesh!

When one falls in love the sensations that go through the body effect the body physically and the feeling of love gets lodged in the brain, changing the brain physically. Similarly other emotions expressed in words have the same effects. This is why Jesus as Word is critical to mankind’s redemption. Not just for ensuring a heavenly after life but for living a pure life here and now.

When Jesus is offering His Body it means he is offering His Word not just to be understood in words by the mind but to be chewed and digested by the brain, thereby physically altering the brain! Jesus wants us to physically transform His Word into our flesh to become the flesh just like him.

‘It is by eating the Word that is Jesus’ means that by totally absorbing the knowledge/body/Word of Jesus that is in the shape of the Word we integrate the Word physically into not only becoming a physical part of our brain but actually enabling the brain to become the Word that is Jesus.

This decoding has extensive and essential clues to making man wise; where the Word can become man!

If only Science and Education would take the Bible as the Science of Life which it is. When the Bible talks about the Word it means the Word is a set of Principles, Knowledge, Attributes of Wisdom, the highest quality of Consciousness, the supreme Mind, the supreme Love, the supreme Spirit etc. Which means that these qualities of GOD were not just in Him, they were Him. It is not like GOD is similar to a man where a man is a separate entity and has wisdom. GOD is Wisdom, God is Love… So the Principles of GOD were an innate part of GOD from the very beginning. This distinction is simply because where man has a physical body and the mind of man springs from the brain; GOD is pure Mind without any physical body. What makes man a mortal is because of the human body.

What the Bible is saying is that GOD is also Wisdom and it’s Attributes. So wisdom is a divine quality that is an integral part of GOD. The knowledge that wisdom is an integral part of GOD is a very big clue to the very nature of wisdom/emotional intelligence education. The Bible is saying again and again that Man is made in God’s image and man must become as close to GOD as possible. So it means that wisdom must become an integral part of man too. Thus it means that man must become wise and not just have wisdom. Having wisdom will not cut it. One must be able to say so and so is wisdom just as we say about GOD. This means given the very nature of the brain and mind relationship and their functions we must integrate the very Word that is wisdom into the physical brain infrastructure. This way we give birth to Spirit in our lives just as the bible wants us to do.

We are not very successful at teaching wisdom because we do not even know the stark differences in the way the brain and mind function and relate to each other. We now know that the mind comprehends in words and the brain comprehends in biochemical reactions. So the physical process takes place at the brain level. Thus the process of becoming is the domain of the brain. This means that wisdom education is brain education.

Again we are told by the Bible that man is made in the image of GOD. Thus man is made in the image of Word/Spirit. As long as one’s upbringing is in line with Word/Spirit the physical integration of wisdom is effortlessly natural and man becomes wisdom. Unfortunately most stray away from wisdom because of the misunderstanding of wisdom upbringing/education.

When GOD wants man to be like HIM GOD is clearly saying that man must become wise. Which means man must be able to say, ‘I am wisdom’. Thus the answer to how we should be able to answer the question, ‘Who am I?’ is very clear, it is ‘I am wisdom’. The aim of emotional intelligence/wisdom education must be recognized as ‘to be able to become wisdom’. It is very tragic that we are so far away from this goal that only a small section of mankind is able to say, ‘I am wisdom’. It need not be like this. The clue to what is wisdom is also very clear, ‘wisdom is GOD!’ and who is GOD? The answer comes from GOD HIMSELF, ‘I am that I am’. Which means GOD is what HE is supposed to be. So GOD is HIS pure and authentic SELF. Thus ‘I am wisdom boils down to mean, ‘I am my pure and authentic self!’ So to be one’s pure self is to be wisdom! The road to wisdom education is the road to becoming one’s pure self! The way the brain works one does not even have to be religious to become wise. The pure self is a projection of an emotional baggage free brain. Thus wisdom education is freeing the brain of all emotional baggage. Please google, ‘self image therapy by sajid khan’.

The world has not woken up to the fact that the brain education process is far more nurture than nature. The deepest emotional educational impact on the brain takes place during the fetus period of life. The brain is physically and emotionally conditioned by the physical womb environment that shapes the emotional intelligence learning environment (what we have coined as womb-reality). Thus the brain goes through the most fundamental conditioning that we have coined as womb-conditioning. Please google ‘womb-conditioning by sajid khan’. The impact of womb-conditioning is so huge that wisdom education can be termed as the exercise to unconditioned the brain/mind of womb-conditioning.

The human body is unlike GOD while the human mind is made in GOD’s own image. So the difference between GOD and man boils down to the fact that GOD is Pure Mind while man is mind and brain/body.Thus the more mind and the less brain man becomes he comes closer to being in GOD’s image. The clue to wisdom education is quite clear here: the goal of wisdom education is to make man as much mind as humanly possible and as much less brain as humanly possible.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.’!!!

My basic hypothesis quantifies the mind/brain into broadly and approximately four basic stages and as there are four levels of the brain/mind there are four levels of individuals, groups, countries and leaders described as follows:

a) Premature mind (-2)…a totally self centered brutal nature. Leaders that are stuck at this level manifest themselves as dictators and tyrants. At this stage of the mind the child considers his own self as all reality. In his mind he alone exists. One’s own self is all that counts. Others don’t count at all as they don’t even exist. In spite of all the illegal wealth and power this mind level individuals are very insecure. Many countries in the world are ruled by this -2 mind level leaders. We must wake up the world to their -2 emotional mind and its consequences. Individuals at this -2 level end up as murderers, thugs, rapists etc. They are the very personification of evil. The brain is physically and emotionally stuck at the -2 level and it projects a -2 mind/self/self-image. At this stage the mind is practically a slave of the brain. It is the physical brain that is totally in-charge of the brain-mind self-identity. We can scientifically say that the individual at this -2 level is the physical brain which is pure flesh, which totally rules the mind(spirit).

b) Immature mind (-1)… an opportunistic nature that will break the law if the individual thinks that he can get away with it. At this stage of the mind level the teenager thinks that even though he has no power today his time will come and he deserves the best today. He will try to fulfill his lopsided dreams by hook or by crook. He considers himself as most important and will do everything to make it so if he feels he can get away with even committing illegal acts. Leaders whose minds are stuck at this level are extremely corrupt. They build up illegal fortunes at the cost of the country and the common man. Most third world countries have this level mind leaders and citizens. Individuals at this level are a mixture of brain and mind. One can scientifically say that this level -1 brain-mind represents a mixture of flesh(brain) and spirit(mind).

c) Mature mind (+1)… a responsible nature that respects the equality of all. At this stage the adult mind considers himself as first among equals. He still struggles to make the most for his own self. He works for his own family first. When President Bush places jobs above carbon emissions he is coming from this mind level. Most developed countries are in this category. They especially over spend on defense to remain first in military power at least in their own neighborhood. So called super powers and aspiring super powers try to expand the range of their defense powers by spending even more to show off power beyond their borders. They spend more than they need on defense but they spend enough on other sectors where the economy benefits the whole country. Individuals at this level are responsible citizens however they suffer from a phony over confident self image. They are brought up on ,’I am the best’ belief that is implanted into their physical brain structure. As a result they have a trophy self image. The brain-mind complex is mostly ruled by the mind. Thus at this stage the brain-mind complex is mostly spirit.

d) Super mature mind (+2)…an altruistic nature. At this mind level the mind develops to the highest level of emotional intelligence which is wisdom. The person considers himself as part of the whole human family. He considers everyone else as #1 irrespective of caste and creed, gender or economic status. Leaders who manifest themselves at this level genuinely work for the whole country and also try their best to help other countries. They don’t help their own supporters above the opposition. They treat all alike with the
same highest respect. For them all the people at large especially the poor are worthy of more attention and financial assistance so their priorities and policies focus on education, health, infrastructure and economic growth away from defense. Such leaders bring economic prosperity and real change in the lives of all the sections of society. The whole country becomes richer. Such leaders are truly altruistic and humble. All their spending is rational. Their priorities are equally focused on education, health, and infrastructure and defense and every thing in-between. This is the kind of leader every country needs every time there is an election. Individuals at this +2 brain-mind complex are true altruistic beings who are true manifestations of the pure self. Their mind(spirit) is in total control of the brain(flesh).

Individuals who grow up chronologically but remain emotionally at -2 brain level can be termed as flesh.
These are the real criminals of the world. They either are mentally challenged and so are dependent on society for their needs or are criminals and so cause harm to the society. No wonder Jesus says those of flesh(brain) cannot go to heaven.

Individuals who grow up chronologically but remain emotionally at -1 brain level can be termed as a mixture of flesh(brain) and spirit(mind). No wonder there are many layers of heaven and hell.

Individuals who grow up chronologically but remain emotionally at +1 brain level can be termed as mostly spirit(mind).

Individuals who grow up emotionally to the +2 brain/mind level can be termed as fully self-actualized spirits.

Think of the brain as flesh and the mind as spirit.

‘Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.’ we can decode as, “Brain gives birth to brain, but the Mind gives birth to mind.’ Thus born again means mind rebirth. Which means wisdom education, which among many education roads also means my very own self image therapy! (please google, ‘self image therapy by sajid khan’).

This also solves the mystery whether evil and good are this worldly or other worldly. The closer one is to GODs image the more good one is; which means that the more mind one is the more good one is. The more brain one is the more away from GOD one is, that means more evil one is. This means that evil is emotional ignorance which springs from the brain and good is ”super mature emotional intelligence’/wisdom which springs from the mind. Thus evil = ignorance = brain = flesh and good = wisdom = mind = spirit!

The real rejoicing is for the Word of GOD became flesh on this day. And if we would learn from the Bible we can become the Words of GOD for we all are God’s children too!