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The Hangman Store is pleased to announce that the Hangman Products Simple Mount TV Hanger has been featured in two major publications during December. The Simple Mount TV Hanger was the unexpected surprise of the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Not bad for a $50/$60 item that does not plug into the Internet or even need electricity. See what other people say about us.

Hangman Products Simple Mount TV Hanger was a Cool Tools featured product December, 12, 2011 as written by Brian Durkin. Mr. Durkin comments, “Hangman is a clever, simple bracket designed to hang flat screen TVs directly on a wall.”

And…”I like this system because it is simple and inexpensive. It hangs the TV dead level and it won’t “drift” out of level when you mess with your cables. It also keeps the TV tight to the wall as the aluminum brackets are only about 1″ thick. Finally, it only takes about 10-minutes to install.”

You can read the entire review at: http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/005972.php .

Hangman Products Simple Mount TV Hanger was also featured in the December, 2011 Electronic House, Print Version, Page 8 under their HomeFront Mounts column, receiving a very positive review. Look for this issue at your nearest news stand or book store, while it’s still available.

The Simple Mount is available in two configurations:

S-2040 model is used specifically for Thin LED flat panels up to 55″ with 400 mm spacing on the VESA mount. It sells for $49.95

S-2060 Model is used for Thin LED flat panels 35”- 65″ with 400 mm and 600 mm spacing on the VESA mount It sells for $59.95

This wall mount television hanger works with any LED-LCD thin screen flat panel TV where the wires hang down in the back. It installs on a wall in minutes and the only required tools are a power drill and Phillips screwdriver. We use patented Hangman Products engineering technology for a safe, secure, level, flat panel installation. As reported in a recent lab test, the Simple Mount TV Hanger will hold up to 200 lbs of weight using either ITW or Toggler anchors.

The Hangman Store is a retail e-commerce business that is open 24/7, 365 days a year selling Hangman Products hardware, systems and kits. We were established in 2007, headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA and managed out of the Philadelphia, PA area. We provide picture hanging supplies, paper organizing systems and child safety hardware to retail customers and businesses. Some of our better known brands include; Heavy Duty Mirror and Picture Hanging System, Furniture Anti-tip Kit, TV Anti-tip Kit, Bear Claw Hangers, Clip Strip and Professional French Cleat (formerly known as the HD Cabinet Hanger).

For more information on the Hangman Store and the Simple Mount TV Hanger contact Robb Auspitz.

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