/EINPresswire.com/ Academy of Computer Education expands US Army Mission Critical Cyber Security Training

Academy of Computer Education (ACE) announces the expansion of their Army Cyber Security training courses. These courses are the top advanced security training classes in the industry and are particularly vital for individuals in the military. Two of the most popular in the series of advanced cyber security courses for the Army are Advanced Malware Analysis and Cyber War.

Advanced Malware Analysis (AMA) is the most advanced reverse engineering and malware analysis course available on the training market. It is the product of years of experience from top industry professionals who designed it after much time, collecting the most relevant and outstanding types of materials that would ultimately create the superior malware certification training class. This course covers a variety of malware, from traditional Windows executables, to web-based malware with several types of obfuscation, students will take a hands-on style to learn how to reverse-engineer malicious code using system/network monitoring utilities, debuggers, disassemblers and a handful of perl/python/ruby scripts. Students will also examine live malware collected from honeypots and forensics cases.

Cyber War, an advanced penetration testing training course, was written by a team of IT security and security training’s most respected professionals. In this course, students will learn through practical training how to take different paths, use alternate methods and test traditional practices and software in penetration testing. This advanced penetration testing class is a five-day course that concentrates on attacking and defending highly secured environments such as financial organizations, federal establishments and large companies. In Cyber War, students will learn how to attack new operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and the latest Linux servers.

Advanced Security by Academy of Computer Education has been providing cyber security training to groups and individuals from the US Army nationally since 2001. “We are highly anticipating the launch of these new courses. Since we have so many military personnel coming through our classrooms, we have been trying to gear these courses to better suit their needs and we feel like we have accomplished just that.”; said Ralph Sita, President of Academy of Computer Education. For information on their training courses, visit their website or call (888) 236-1411.

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