/EINPresswire.com/ It is no secret that the poker world is predominantly ruled by testosterone. Men have towered over the poker championships in both tournaments and cash games since the dawn of the World Series of Poker and beyond. However, there have been many phenomenally skilled ladies to grace the felt over time. RealMoneyPoker.org is honored to recognize the best female poker players of all time.

In wild west times, females were not even allowed around the card table unless they were serving drinks or other unmentionable generosities. In the mid 1990’s, when the game of poker finally achieved nationwide appeal thanks to the introduction of the World Series of Poker, female poker players were still unheard of. Nearly half a century later, the times have changed, and the ladies have made themselves well known around the felt.

The fact is, women still remain the minority among successful poker players, both online and at live tables. But their presence is hard to deny as the femme fatale of the poker world have turned heads from all corners of the globe. They are not only beautiful, they are skilled, cunning, intuitive and psychologically adept at ripping any underestimating poker player’s chip stack to shreds. These sensational poker players have won myriad headline poker tournaments all around the world, and deserve their due credit.

RealMoneyPoker.org has taken the time to recognize the most prolific female poker players of our time. The site has been researching the topic and devised a new segment to honor the best women poker players, releasing a top 10 list that includes names any poker aficionado will identify, and some who may be less familiar, but equally deserving of praise.

For obvious reasons, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst tops the list. At only 27 years of age, she has finished in the money 10 times in WSOP events including one WSOP bracelet in a 2008 PLO event. She has racked up nearly $5 million in live tournament winnings alone. All of this, and she maintains only a part-time poker career as her law practice takes precedence.

Like Vanessa Selbst, all of the stories behind each female poker phenom’s success are extraordinary, such as Las Vegas native Kathy Liebert’s long and triumphant road to 30 WSOP cashes, one WSOP bracelet and $5.8 million in tournament winnings, or Liv Boeree’s designation as the third female poker pro to ever win a title on the European Poker Tour.

All should be familiar with the names Jennifer Harman and Annette Obrestad. Harman is a legend among women at the poker table whose notoriety on the felt just slightly overshadows the charismatic drive she portrays in her personal life. Obrestad shot up as if out of a cannon when she shocked the poker world by taking down the first annual World Series of Poker Europe at only 18 year of age, and her prominence has yet to waiver.

The top ten list continues with five more of the most well defined, inexhaustible ladies of the poker world. However, the register doesn’t stop there. RealMoneyPoker.org also acknowledges a gamut of rising stars in the female card playing community who fully understand the importance of psychology in poker and could easily rise to the top of the ranks in years to come.

This latest addition to RealMoneyPoker.org is just one of the site’s most recent embellishments. They have also included a new segment observing Online Poker Phenoms and the upsurge of Poker on TV, among others.

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