While there is no sure bet when it comes to the stock market, financial experts agree that a diversified portfolio, including management of an international portfolio inc can help clients reduce risk.

/EINPresswire.com/ Online PR News – 02-January-2012 -New York — With the tumultuous and risky nature of the stock market, it is impossible to guarantee a sure thing. But financial planners and stock market experts agree that a diversified portfolio that includes an international portfolio inc management of an international portfolio, can reduce investment risk.

An international portfolio inc operates no differently than a domestic portfolio from the investor’s standpoint. The difference is where the funds are invested. International portfolios contain investments in foreign markets as opposed to domestic markets. International portfolios are designed to provide the investor with access to emerging markets and international markets, allowing for greater diversification than domestic portfolios alone can provide. International portfolios allow the investor to invest in emerging markets and different sectors, and capitalize on the growth of stable markets in other countries. While foreign markets can be just as unstable as domestic ones, the premise behind the international portfolio inc is that diversification among different markets spreads the risk out. In times of distress on domestic markets, diversifying with an international portfolio can offset domestic losses where the foreign markets may be experiencing growth for instance.

As with any financial investment, an international portfolio does not come without some risk. Markets fluctuate and are constantly adjusting to the world economy. It is always advisableto perform due diligence prior to investing in any type of business, fund or portfolio regardless of whether it is domestic or international. Before investing in an international portfolio inc clients are urged to research potential markets. Some things to examine include the industries, companies and organizations of the country, regulation of the financial system and treatment of foreign investors, and foreign exchange laws. If possible, review past stockholder reports and financial statements of companies being considered. In the case of new and emerging companies, look at the demand for the product or service and consult with an industry expert on the potential success of the company. With a little research and intelligent investment strategies, investors can enjoy great rewards when adding an international portfolio to their financial investment portfolio.

International portfolios inc are managed portfolios such as mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or separately managed accounts (SMA) that include securities from emerging and international markets. They provide investors with an alternative to domestic investments and the opportunity to participate in growing and emerging markets worldwide

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