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All religions share a shockingly similar story of Judgment Day- and the Winged Horse. This Angelic Being was first painted 35,000 years ago in the French Chauvet Grotto – and when discovered in 1994, was immediately “locked down.” The Winged Horse is the centerpiece in two magical murals- effectively, the world’s “First Revelation” and most profound art treasure. The cave’s murals graphically depict a “Story of Creation” and “Animals parading off a vessel.” Enjoy them below…..

The stunning Aurignacian art showcases this Universal Being which is common to all cultures and Holy Books. A few names: Kalki (Hindu); Burak (Islam); Cherub (Hebrew); Qirin (Oriental); Kirin (Shinto); Unicorn (Universal); Thunderhorse (Amerindian); Seahorse (Atlantis); Winged Horse (Christian); Pegasus (Greek); Wheel; Chariot; Throne; and Drum. It’s profound symbolism has been identified, explained and tied to subsequent religion and philosophy by metaphysical and scripture scholars- Sir Knight Daryl Breese and French Canadian Gerald D?Aoust. This art is now a common origin at the dawn of modern man- pushing back religion some 15,000 years. Indeed, the Chauvet Pegasus graces the cover of “God’s Steed- Key to World Peace” (Lulu 2011), a provocative, heavily research non-fiction which includes amazing graphics of this heavenly creature.
The French government allowed a select team of scientists into the cave, along with German film specialist Werner Herzog to document the find. Werner’s subsequent 3D movie, “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” has had viewers reporting visions of this Angelic Creature- after simply watching the film. Scientists even called Chauvet’s ‘End Chamber’ the “Holy of Holies.”
UNESCO has taken over this site and a ‘replica’ cave is being built within a few miles.
A non-secular universal common denominator, the Angelic Horse has accompanied man throughout history. Revered as the Conductor of Souls between Heaven and Earth; Horse of Peace and God’s Steed in Stories of Judgment Day- what a time for this fine creature to debut! Breese had an Angelic visit 3 January 1994- just months before Chauvet was discovered, coincidence? His eyewitness report to the Church led to Knighthood. Sir Knight believes sharing the new light of the Chauvet and Judgment Day Revelations will promote understanding and harmony- leading to a peace accord which he has proposed to the United Nations. Breese, “We know historically angels presage monumental events.” Will this be the Key to Peace in 2012? Forward looking Breese already commissioned a statue to commemorate the event!

Sir Knight Daryl Breese
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