Customers Take Advantage of Overstock at MPE Inc. to Receive Hefty Discounts on Disposable Lab Coats, Coveralls and Other Disposable Protective Clothing Lines

/ HAMMOND – MPE Inc. has accumulated an inventory overstock and is taking the opportunity to offer its loyal customers significant savings. Customers may browse through multiple Tyvek brand protective clothing items, including disposable lab coats, coveralls, shoe covers and more, to find products with prices seriously reduced.

“As we make room for newer items, we have to move our current inventory, and that means our customers can save a lot of money on some of our popular Tyvek brand protective gear,” said Mike Miller, CEO of MPE Inc. “Customers can save up to 60 percent on some of our most reliable disposable clothing options.”

The items eligible for MPE’s Tyvek Overstock Sale include cases of coveralls with and without attached hoods, coveralls with attached boots and hoods, recycled lab coats with elastic and non-elastic wrists and snap front, disposable lab coats, disposable shoe covers and disposable sleeves.

As a leader in protective clothing and disposable garments, MPE Inc. sells a wide range of products designed to protect against spills, chemicals and contamination. MPE clothes are ideal for maintaining sterile working conditions, as well as helping to protect employees from personal injury. Safe and sturdy clothes from MPE include jumpsuits, lab coats, footwear, biohazard suits, coveralls, aprons, smocks and pants.

“At MPE, we are committed to providing the safest workplace garments available,” Miller said. “Contact MPE today to learn more about our overstock sale and to find out how we can help make your worksite safer.”

About Miller’s Precision Enterprises: Miller’s Precision Enterprises Inc. ( is an Indiana-based company that specializes in protective clothing. With items like Tyvek protective suits and disposable pants, the company’s products are useful in many industries.

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