/EINPresswire.com/Exciting changes are coming for two of SafeCardID.com’s most popular software systems. Both ID Flow software and Lobby Track software systems have gotten an upgrade with new versions and enhanced features.

SafeCardID.com, a leading provider of ID card printers, ID card software, safety and security products has announced that two of their most popular software systems have gotten an upgrade. New versions of Jolly’s ID Flow and Lobby Track software are now available.

“The upgrades will allow users of our lower cost software systems to access many of the features that previously have only been made available in the more expensive Enterprise editions. The premium versions are getting an upgrade as well…All of the upgrades offer a great value to system users” said Greg Stephens, founder of SafeCardID.com.

Look for version 6.0 of ID Flow Standard and Lobby Track Standard which include enhancements such as easier importing and exporting options, drop-down lists, signature and fingerprint capture support, image pathways, user support and more. With Lobby Track Premier, users will find not only all of the current Enterprise Edition features, but all of the Access Control Edition features, and networking capability and inclusion of a Jolly Company Server at no additional charge. Supported Corporate, Enterprise and School Editions are eligible to upgrade to the Premier Editions at no cost.

Jolly’s Lobby Track software has also launched completely new editions of its popular tracking software in the form of Member Track, Event Track, School Track and Time Track. Supported Lobby Track users can transition to any of the new editions at no cost.

“At SafeCardID.com we have always been concerned with providing top-quality security badging equipment at reasonable prices. These upgrades are just one more example of our commitment to product improvement and customer service” noted Stephens.

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Greg Stephens
Safe-Card ID Services, Inc.

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