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Albuquerque, NM — A-5-year-old boy was almost killed after falling into an uncovered manhole full of sewage, but thanks to his father, he was pulled to safety. Now the Albuquerque father is demanding that the City of Albuquerque make changes at the Lead Improvement Project, KOB.com reported.

Bob Anderson was walking with his wife and 5-year-old son in the active construction zone, when his son ran a few feet in front of them and suddenly fell 10 feet into a manhole filled with sewage.

Anderson jumped into the manhole after his son and sewage filled their mouths.

Anderson’s wife was able to grab her son from Bob, and lift him to safety, as well as helping her husband out of the manhole.

Anderson said he has since been to the emergency room several times for treatment of unknown bacteria.

When Anderson returned to the site to see if the situation has changed, he found the same sheets of metal just lying on top of the manholes.

The city said they would not change the manhole covers, because anything heavier would become a hazard to remove in the event of an accident. Patrolling has instead been increased in that area.

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