/EINPresswire.com/ ICD-10 Coders Academy, a premier training and organization in the field of ICD-10 Education and Certification, has joined hands with ICD-10 Connect, a leading organization in the field of ICD-10 training, to offer ICD-10 training that brings together the best of Online and Onsite training.

ICD-10 Coders Academy & ICD-10 Connect have jointly developed a “Hybrid Training Model,” a combination of ICD-10 Online & Onsite training. This training format provides the best of both worlds. The benefits offered through online training, such as flexible scheduling, continuous training access and high-quality ICD-10 education are combined with face-to-face interaction supplied by live trainers through onsite training. “Hybrid” training offers a blend of online and onsite training which ensures organizations superior and continuous learning without disturbing work schedules and staff productivity. The Hybrid approach provides additional cost savings to organizations by saving on travel expenses and extended time away from work. This apart, it also actively prepares the participants for ICD-10 certification exams sponsored by ICD-10 Coders Academy.

As per the internal survey conducted by ICD-10 Coders Academy and the feedback from various healthcare professionals and organizations, most respondents felt that a combination of onsite & online training is perhaps the most ideal way of training the staff for ICD-10 transition. The continuous exposure to online training content plus opportunities to practice and integrate learning which online education provides, coupled with the opportunity to learn from live ICD-10 experts, practice on medical records with live coaching and peer support, along with access to ICD-10 code translator offer the ultimate training experience.

Please visit www.icd10codersacademy.com/ICD10_Hybrid_training.html or email [email protected] for additional information.

About ICD-10 Coders Academy

ICD-10 Coders Academy is the nation’s fastest-growing organization dedicated to enabling providers, facilities, and payers achieve a seamless transition to ICD-10 through awareness, professional training, certification, customized coding tools, software functionality testing, and other pioneering initiatives. Founded by ICD-10 experts, ICA is committed to developing qualified professionals to meet the demands of the US ICD-10 mandate. Our certification exams, online and proctored, serve as a benchmark in the field of ICD-10; assuring employers of an individual’s knowledge and proficiency

For more information, visit http://www.icd10codersacademy.com

About ICD10 Connect

ICD10 Connect is one of the foremost training institutes in the field of ICD-10. With its world-class training programs, ICD10 Connect provides first-rate and superior training to all sizes of organizations. ICD-10 Connect is focused on helping each organization understand the impact and potential risks associated with ICD-10 implementation and on ensuring that the proper resources, programs, and plans are in place to optimize performance and ensure compliance post ICD-10 implementation.

For more information, visit http://www.icd10connect.com

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