Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich trade barbs at New Hampshire Primary, making them prime candidates to be lampooned as a “politically incorrect” GPS Voice by Obviously, the sparring is ripe fodder for people who want to liven up their GPS navigating experience.

/ Dallas, TX — In the world of politically incorrect statements one thing is certain: with the explosion of social media, it seems everyone has an opinion. And no one is more opinionated than the candidates in the New Hampshire Presidential Primary, where the hopefuls argue over hot topics, such as taxes, defenese, gay rights and jobs.

One company is capitalizing on all the partisan politics and giving voters the opportunity to laugh this primary season. allows drivers who use Garmin and Tom Tom GPS units to download new voices to their navigation systems.

These are not ordinary voices though, consider the P.I.G. In their name stands for “Politically Incorrect GPS.”

When researching possible new voices to feature, political candidates are a surefire fit to go with other voices, such as politically incorrect voices such as President Obama, George W. Bush, Arnold, The Govenator; and cultural stereotypes such as Jamal, the ghetto pimp; Habib, the New York Cabbie; and Bubba, the Funny Redneck.

Romney, who is against gay marriage, but claims to have appointed at least one gay man to his cabinet in the past, might even get a kick out of the voice of “Fabulously Fashionable Andrew” who will direct drivers to their destinations with his lispy, frolicking voice. With Andrew, drivers will never have to ask “left or straight?” again. customers love their new voices. For example, Phil H., a satisfied customer who just wanted to spice up tedious driving and add a little humor to his day.

“I bought my GPS after using one in a rental car,” Phil said. “It was effective but boring. PIG Tones’ voices make the ride a blast!”

It’s important to note that all voices on are an impersonation of parody of an original character, but that doesn’t make them any less fun.

Maybe the next voice will be inspired by Gingrich asking Mitt Romney, “Can we drop this pious baloney?”

Until then, drivers can listen to all the GPS voice samples and download their own favorite Garmin Voices or Tom Tom Voices by going to: was founded by three friends in 2008 who were fed up with their boring GPS voice. The Dallas based company is now the leader in custom GPS Voices and aims to make driving fun again by letting drivers give their GPS a “politically incorrect” and yet entertaining navigation voice. Listen. Buy. Drive. Laugh!

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