/EINPresswire.com/ Limo services in Chicago Suburbs are now available from Echo Limousine, which is expanding to include all suburbs of the Windy City. The company also reports that it has streamlined its service to make pick-up at the airport faster than ever before.

Echo Limousine is now offering limo services to Chicago suburbs at special rates that are competitive with cab fare to and from the airport. A spokesperson for Echo Limousine reports that thousands of travelers use their service each year, and this expansion into the suburbs will enable them to serve even more.

“We are excited to offer expanded limo service to Chicago suburbs,” company president Mircea Stanescu says. “We are truly dedicated to the wonderful people of the Windy City, and we look forward to serving them for many years to come.”

On busy travel days, customers may even find that limo services are less expensive than cab fare, which depends not only on mileage, but also on stopping time. When traveling from further distances out in the suburbs, Chicago-area travel experts say cab fare can be extremely costly, in addition to being uncomfortable.
Since suburban Chicago residents have an even longer trip than those who live in the downtown area, travel agents recommend that additional steps be taken to not only cut down on travel costs to and from the suburbs, but also to increase the level of comfort level on these trips by booking limousine services to and fro the airport. They say choosing a limousine enables travelers to relax a bit before and after their plane ride. This can minimize the effects of the longer trip on suburban residents.
Some O’Hare Airport workers estimate that on busy days, it can take travelers more than an hour to find a cab. However, Echo Limousine estimates just seven minutes between a traveler’s phone call to their booked chauffeur and pick-up at the terminal. The company uses flight tracking software to monitor all inbound flights to O’Hare in real time. This enables their drivers to be ready as soon as a client’s plane lands.

Travel agents offer these tips to assist travelers who are booking Chicago limo services to suburbs.
•Be sure to ask for the special airport rate. The rates for travel to and from the airport usually differ than just general rates, so be sure to tell the booking agent that you need service to or from the airport.
•Travelers who have never flown through O’Hare or Midway may find it helpful to choose the Meet and Greet option. Getting around inside large airports, especially those as big as O’Hare, can be tricky if you’ve never been there. Opting for Meet and Greet service will connect you with a driver who knows his way around the airport and can guide you to where you need to go.
•Learn the airport pickup and drop-off procedures before you travel. Too many travelers get into an airport without knowing what the proper procedures are or where they can be picked up. This can lead to confusion and frustration because they don’t understand the rules. For example, some travelers don’t realize that they still must go through O’Hare’s baggage area even if they didn’t check any bags. This is because no pickups are allowed at the upper level. All pick-ups at O’Hare must be done in the lower level near the baggage claim area.

About Echo Limousine

Echo Limousine provides limo services to Chicago suburbs for every traveler’s needs. The company’s competitive rates are combined with dependable service so anyone can afford to travel in complete luxury, no matter where in the Chicago area they are going.

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