/EINPresswire.com/ Agents.Norvax, the industry leader in providing high-quality health insurance leads to top performing agents, makes it possible for insurance agents to successfully manage their lead pipeline and become more productive with BrokerOffice.

Insurance agents are experiencing positive sales results and an increase in applications with the help of Norvax. With advanced insurance solutions such as the BrokerOffice lead management tool, agents receive an integrated solution for all of their sales automation needs.

“At Norvax, we feel BrokerOffice is the best lead management system for insurance agents because it offers so many great features that allows busy agents to spend more time closing their leads rather than organizing them,” said Norvax CEO Clint Jones.

Insurance agents receive a BrokerOffice account, the top consumer relationship management tool in the industry, complimentary with any purchase of insurance leads. All lead files, marketing brochures and other tools are located online, just a click away. Insurance leads are automatically entered into BrokerOffice, relieving insurance agents of tedious administrative time. Agents can now effortlessly manage lead flow and communicate with prospects, as well as track statuses of current leads- all from one user-friendly dashboard.

With BrokerOffice, insurance agents gain the benefits of a 24-hour administrative assistant at their fingertips. The BrokerOffice lead management tool includes:

• Quick access: All lead information and sales tools are a click away, allowing agents more time to close leads.

• Total lead control: Agents get more from their sales teams and leads with reports that calculate cost per sale according to lead source.

• Up-to-date technology: BrokerOffice helps insurance agents move to paperless office by backing up all lead information.

• Easy integration: BrokerOffice integrates easily with agents’ websites, quote engine and more, giving agents a loaded toolbox of sales information programs.

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