/EINPresswire.com/ As a special thank you to its customers, PIGtones.com is allowing a one-time purchase of all 34 voices in its GPS voice library in a special “All Star Cast” offer that has never been seen before. This one-time offer is only available for a limited time.

Most drivers who use Garmin or Tom Tom GPS units while driving have no idea that they are not held hostage by the boring factory voice in their GPS. In fact, it’s a very simple process to download new GPS voices and customize the driving experience. For the past 4 years, PIGTones.com, the leading provider of custom, funny and celebrity GPS voices has provided drivers with more “laughs per gallon” than any automaker in the world.

For some people it’s tough to decide just which “politically incorrect” character’s voice to listen to when navigating city streets and country roads. As a special thank you to its current customers and new clients, PIGtones.com is offering a one-time “Giving Away The Farm” special, by offering all 34 voices at a steep discount.

That means that for practically pocket change, people can have at their fingertips a variety of GPS voice directions from entertaining characters, such as the Dirty Devil, Jamal – The Ghetto Pimp, Habib, Drill Sergeant Hartman, Capt. Jack – the Pirate, Wrong Juan, The Best 007 Ever, and Billy Bob – The Cussing Redneck. These voices are only a small sample of the politically incorrect navigators people can add to their GPS voice library.

In the world of politically incorrect statements, one thing is certain: PIGtones.com aims to make sure they are equal opportunity offenders. PIGtones.com is no stranger to “off color” language, celebrity voices, and even cultural stereotypes. (All sample voices are available on their website.)

In addition, people who take advantage of this offer will also get four mystery voices for free that they can add to their library.

Get more “laughs per gallon” by checking out some of the free voice samples at PIGTones.com. If someone doesn’t laugh and immediately want one, then they must not have a GPS system or else they’re missing a funny bone.

An offering like this would especially appeal to drivers who likes to surprise friends and family with the diverse voices offered in the GPS voice library.

That is exactly what driver Jeff Pears loves about it.

“My favorite thing about my PIG Tones GPS voice is the reaction I get form friends and family when they first hear the voice in my car. And since I own ALL the voices, I can surprise people with a new character every single time they get in the car,” Spears said. “It’s awesome.”

People can listen to all the GPS voice samples and download their own favorite voice — or take advantage of this one-time offer and download all 34 — by going to: http://www.PIGtones.com.

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PIGtones.com was founded by three friends in 2008 who were fed up with their boring GPS voice. The Dallas based company is now the leader in custom GPS Voices and aims to make driving fun again by letting drivers give their GPS a “politically incorrect” and yet entertaining navigation voice. Listen. Buy. Drive. Laugh! http://www.PIGtones.com

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