Micro-Body Contouring at Athenix Body Sculpting Institute is used to correct flaws left from a previous liposuction, giving a woman the body she wanted in the first place. Her new look is revealed on Friday’s show.

/EINPresswire.com/ Los Angeles, CA – The award-winning TV show “The Doctors” features an advanced liposuction and liposuction repair procedure on the Jan. 13th show. Plastic surgeon Dr. Catherine Begovic of Athenix Body Sculpting Institute shows how “Micro-Body Contouring” can be used to correct bad liposuction results. Dr. Begovic performed the procedure on a woman who had been unhappy with the results of previous liposuction done by a different doctor.

“The high volume of liposuction done each year is leaving some women disappointed with their results,” says Dr. Begovic. “Whether because of miscommunication with their doctors or the use of outdated liposuction technologies and techniques, many women aren’t ending up with the results they wanted to achieve.”

“In the past year, I’ve taken care of many patients who previously had liposuction and came to me for liposuction repair,” says Dr. Begovic “Their problems ranged from subtle contour irregularities such as lumps and bumps to noticeable ‘shelves’ or chunks of fat left behind. The Doctors show on Jan. 13th tells the story of one of my patients who came to Athenix seeking a specialist in liposuction repair. She had significant unevenness after a previous liposuction procedure.”

Dawn, 38, is very athletic, and she considers herself to be in good shape. But, like many women, Dawn had been unhappy with some figure flaws and she decided to try liposuction. “I didn’t have much of a defined waist and I wanted to have a more feminine shape,” she says. Dawn had liposuction a few years ago. “I did see some results at first, and my doctor said I’d have to wait to see the final results, after healing.” But after waiting for eight months, she says that she was still unhappy with her appearance. “My abdomen and back were not improved as I had expected,” she says. The worst part was that I was still left with uneven areas in my abs. A ridge was left on my tummy and my waistline was still left undefined. The doctor finally said that he couldn’t do anything else for me.”

Dawn scheduled a consultation with Dr. Begovic at the Pasadena, CA location of Athenix, and had her liposuction repair done a few weeks later. “She now has a beautifully toned tummy and a feminine curve to her waist,” says Dr. Begovic. “I also re-sculpted Dawn’s back and “bra roll” areas to create a smooth, natural look. Dawn had her first post-op photos taken three weeks after the procedure, and her results are dramatic. The Doctors will reveal Dawn’s “after” photos on the show and viewers will see how Micro-Body Contouring has finally given her the body she’s wanted all along.”

“For the patients who come to me with previous liposuction complications, I always make sure to help them set realistic expectations for what liposuction repair surgery can do for them,” says Dr. Begovic. At Athenix, we specialize in Micro-Body Contouring using the latest technology in fat removal, which is ideal for fixing some of these complex problems. Sections of fat left behind can be removed and blended into the surrounding areas to create a smoother contour and unevenness can usually be corrected. Dents and areas where too much fat was taken can be lifted and fat transfer performed to smooth the area. However, for areas where there is a lot of scar tissue or deep dents, I caution patients that the scar or dents often re-form.”

“In general, it’s always best to have surgery performed correctly the first time,” says Dr. Begovic. “I always encourage patients to do their research and make sure they have all their questions and concerns answered before proceeding with surgery.”

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About Athenix Body Sculpting Institute(TM)
Athenix Body Sculpting Institute(TM) is a leading cosmetic surgery center that specializes in body contouring with locations in Bellevue, Wash., Fresno, Calif., Pasadena, Calif. and Irvine, Calif. Athenix offers Micro-Body Contouring procedures, which help men and women treat problem fat areas without the medical risks and downtime of traditional liposuction and general anesthesia. Micro-Body Contouring combines Body-Jet water-assisted liposuction with laser lipo to create better aesthetic results with shorter recovery periods.

About Dr. Catherine Begovic:
Dr. Begovic graduated from Harvard University with Honors in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She was awarded her medical degree from UCLA. At UCLA, Dr. Begovic took a special interest in stem cells found in fat and fat injections, publishing many research papers in plastic surgery and scientific journals on the topic. Upon completion of her medical degree, Dr. Begovic was selected into the highly-competitive Head and Neck Surgery training program at UCLA performing advanced Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery for 6 years. She then completed a second surgery training program in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UCLA. The UCLA plastic surgery training program has been rated one of the top training programs in the country in all areas of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. She was voted one of “2010 America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” by the Consumers’ Research Council of America and nominated for the “2010 Woman of the Year in Medicine & Healthcare.”

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