Fire Rated Glass Block by Leading Glass Block Suppliers, Quality Glass Block and Window Company, Provides Safety Without Sacrificing Aesthetics and Light Transmission

/ MORRIS, ILL. – Industry leading glass block suppliers Quality Glass Block and Window Company is emphasizing the safety features of its line of fire rated glass blocks. The uniquely designed blocks essentially act as transparent bricks, providing a significant level of protection while maintaining the eye-pleasing features of glass blocks.

“Our selection of Pittsburgh Corning-manufactured blocks combines the attractive features of glass blocks with safe and flexible design options,” said Ray Tuminello, president of Quality Glass Block and Window Company. “The configuration of these blocks allows in light while blocking out sound and providing a high level of energy efficiency, all while increasing the overall safety of the building.”

The blocks are certified as fire resistant. Quality Glass Block offers the Premiere Series, Thickset(R)60, Thickset(R)90 and Vistabrik(R). With varying sizes and thicknesses, the fire rated blocks are available with 45-, 60- and 90-minute ratings.

Quality Glass Block and Window Company provides a wide range of options for builders, architects and building-owners, and is the largest supplier of fire rated glass block in the Midwest. Known as one of the most comprehensive glass block suppliers, the company specializes in products for windows, shower systems and decorative design.

“When selecting windows for a room, it makes sense that you’d take into account aesthetics, light, energy efficiency and safety,” Tuminello said. “Contact Quality Glass Block and Window Company today to find out how you can get the most from windows with our fire rated glass blocks.”

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Quality Glass Block and Window Company ( is a leading provider of glass blocks used for windows, shower enclosures and vents. In addition to wholesale glass blocks, Quality Glass Block and Window Company provides installation services or guidance for do-it-yourself builders and homeowners.

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