/EINPresswire.com/ The Phoenix DUI Attorneys at Alcock and Associates, P.C. have relaunched their DUI website. The updated site features videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and contains information about Arizona’s recent changes to DUI sentencing laws.

The Phoenix Law Firm of Alcock and Associates announces the relaunch their website. DUI Attorney Nick Alcock, the owner of the firm, has worked with industry leading web designers to provide easy to access and important information about driving under the influence in Arizona.

Changes to the site are not just cosmetic. In 2011, the Arizona State Legislature made significant changes to DUI sentencing laws. These changes significantly reduce DUI license suspensions and jail time for certain cases. Furthermore, work release is now available six days a week, up from five.

Says Alcock, “It was very important to make sure that all of the information on our site was current and accurate. So many of our clients have expressed confusion about the new Arizona DUI laws. I think any DUI lawyer has an obligation to provide the best and most recent information to the people in the community.”

The new site design takes into consideration user accessibility. The firm’s YouTube channel, alcocklawaz, has over 250 videos. These videos are integrated into the pages and give the user the choice to read the page or watch a video on their given topic. Information on the site is presented in a way that is clear and understandable.

Alcock indicates that educated clients are happier and exhibit less stress during the court process. He says, “As a DUI attorney, I want to educate my clients as much as possible. We want to make sure that our clients know exactly what to expect. Anybody facing jail time hates surprises. That’s why we have worked so hard to lay all the information out in a usable and comprehensive way.”

The DUI Attorneys at Alcock and Associates also maintain a blog which is updated regularly. Based on internet traffic reports, it is gaining popularity as a trusted site that offers useful and current content.

While the site has been relaunched, Alcock has no plans to slow down. He states, “This year we are looking to add several hundred more videos and pages to our sites. We have a huge Facebook following and we are learning how to better incorporate other social media resources into our online presence. I am fortunate to work with some of the most expert web developers and look forward to taking our online program to the next level.”

It appears that more changes to the site will be needed soon, due to the fact that the Arizona State Legislature may modify DUI laws again in the next session. In the meantime, one can be sure that the DUI lawyers at Alcock and Associates will be following the developments closely.

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