Restaurants are using tablet PC’s to make the restaurant experience more enjoyable. The downside is how quickly the tablet screens get dirty. A better solution is at hand to keep the screens clean inbetween patron use.

/ Wesley Chapel, FL – Tablet use in restaurants is the hot new trend and customers are really enjoying it. The problem however is that the touch screens can get dirty quickly and frequently. US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies has partnered with CTA Products to solve this problem. CTA Products offers the critically acclaimed “Cloth Addiction”. It is considered the world’s finest touch screen cleaner.

Using tablet PC’s in restaurants is a stimulating experience for guests as they are able to build their own meals from scratch, receive interactive education about the menu items they are choosing, as well as being able to play virtual games as they wait for their food to arrive. The increased speed of service is also a big attraction with customers being able to communicate directly with the kitchen. This trend is creating more excitement in the restaurant business, and coming at an opportune time to help lift the industry out of its doldrums.

Keeping the tablet screens clean in restaurants is a concern. Millions of customers who use touch screen tablets in their private life say their most annoying problem is how frequently the screens get dirty. This problem is magnified when touch screens are used in an environment where people are handling food and numerous people are using the same device.

Customers who use Cloth Addiction Microdfiber Screen Cleaner find that smudges, fingerprints and grease marks are removed in one swipe. This is due to a new generation microfiber screen cleaning cloth that is 100% microfiber. Restaurants find that keeping the screens clean is good for appearance sake as well as for sanitary reasons. Cloth Addiction also helps to increase the longevity and useful life of the tablets, by helping to prevent scratches and grease build up.

US Foods customers can order online or contact their US Foods representative. For those who don’t own restaurants and want to use the product for their personal use the product can be ordered at where it has earned a 5-star rating. Cloth Addiction is ideal as an iPad screen cleaner, or to clean laptop, e-reader or cell phone screens.

About CTA Products
CTA Products was formed in 1996 to bring premium quality microfiber products to US customers. Cloth Addiction Screen Cleaning Cloth was developed in 2010 as a result of the proliferation of touch screens and the emergent need to have a cloth that made cleaning of touch screens as easy and effective as possible.

Jerry Greiff
CTA Products

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