/EINPresswire.com/ Start the 2012 With Full Eyelashes from Lash Relongé

Four weeks is all it takes to help start growing fuller, longer natural eyelashes with Lash Relongé. Lash Relongé is a premiere French beauty product from Beauté de Paris, the innovative beauty company whose products are now available in the United States. Women all over the world are seeing results from Lash Relongé. Lash Relongé is easy to use and helps to grow natural longer eyelashes in a few weeks. The New Year is the time to get started – fabulous lashes are on the horizon.

To use Lash Relongé, simply apply a swipe of product at the upper lash line, as if applying liquid liner. This should be done nightly. Within a few weeks, lashes are longer and thicker. In an independent clinical study, lash density was increased up to 82% in only 4 weeks. Lashes increased in length up to 55% in 4 weeks. The New Year looks bright with fuller, more noticeable eyelashes courtesy of Lash Relongé. Lash Relongé is comprised of high quality proven ingredients, making it safe for the most sensitive eyes.

Mascara has chemicals and can dry lashes out. Brittle, weak lashes are difficult to work with when applying mascara. Faux lashes are tricky to wear and lash glues also create brittle delicate lashes. Eyelashes benefit from the nutrients and other conditioning ingredients in Lash Relongé. Lash Relongé has been proven to restore weak lashes. Batting prettier lashes in the new year is possible with Lash Relongé. Within 4-8 weeks, Lash Relongé will condition and hydrate lashes, while increasing length and density.


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About Beauté de Paris
Beauté de Paris is a French beauty products company that caters to both men and women. It currently offers products that reduce wrinkles, stimulate eyelash growth, promote thicker eyebrows, improve skin brightening, fade varicose veins and diminish eye bags and dark circles. Beauté de Paris products are manufactured with great precision and are tested by independent laboratories. Visit their website at www.beautedeparis.fr.

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