/EINPresswire.com/ Freelancer.com today announced that it has rocketed through 2,000 projects posted and 3,000 new user registrations per day as the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. Freelancer.com’s global community comprises of 3 million users with 1.3 million projects posted to date.

According to Alexa, Freelancer.com is the world’s #1 outsourcing marketplace for web traffic, receiving over 0.3% of the world’s Internet traffic. Freelancer ranks in the top 50 websites for Bangladesh and Pakistan, and the top 100 for India. Globally, Freelancer.com ranks in the top 300 most visited websites.

“There are 7 billion people in the world, but remarkably, 5 billion of them don’t have Internet access. They are connecting now at record rates,”, said Matt Barrie, Chief Executive. “Freelancer.com is one of the primary reasons for going online. Many talented and hard working freelancers can earn what would be their month’s wage in a matter of hours, while helping small businesses in the developed world get things done.”

Small businesses in the US, UK, Australia and Canada have outsourced over 1.3 million projects in fields as diverse as web design through to industrial design. Posting a project is free, is as simple as filling in a title, budget and description, and there’s no obligation to hire.

Recent jobs on Freelancer include “Design of an Online Store (in French)” (22 bids, avg $265), “Need to be #1 on Google for 2 keywords” (7 bids, avg $171), and “Looking for a screen printer for 100% cotton bedding” (8 bids, $531).

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Webby award-winning Freelancer.com is the largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace in the world. Through Freelancer.com, businesses connect with 3 million independent professionals from all over the world. Employers can hire freelancers in areas such as software, writing, data entry, and design, right through to engineering and the sciences, sales & marketing, and accounting & legal services. The average job is under US$200, making Freelancer.com extremely cost-effective for small businesses which often need a wide variety of jobs to be done, but cannot justify the expense of hiring full time.

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