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With childhood obesity on the rise and funding being cut from physical education programs, Railyard Fitness wants to be a part of the solution by offering everyone a free exercise download of “Railyard Active Play”, a functional exercise instructional manual that anyone can use. The manual can be downloaded at: http://www.railyardfitness.com/free-downloads.

Developed by Dr. Kwame M. Brown, founder and principal of Move Theory, children and adults of any age will benefit from this effective, easy to do program with 43 exercises that require no equipment. Free exercise illustrations are also offered.

“These exercises are perfect for all age levels and abilities,” said Lee Spieker, Railyard Fitness president and founder. “Parents can lead a work out with their children in the basement, in the park, or at the gym. There are dozens of applications for personal trainers, health clubs, physical education teachers and coaches as well.”

Also free with the “Railyard Active Play” manual are exercise “Signals,” which are eight-inch exercise illustrations that can be downloaded or printed, then placed on the floor, taped to a cone or a wall for kids, students, or clients to follow.

Railyard Fitness wants to bring mom, dad, and the kids together in the same exercise program. By exercising together they will enjoy a bonding experience with the kids, while giving them a positive impression of exercise. Each workout will lead you through fun, easy to learn exercises that burn calories, increase cardiovascular health, and improve balance, agility, speed, and strength. Experience jumping, crawling and moving like you were a kid again!

“Seldom, if ever, has there been an exercise program that met the needs of the family unit, and never has there been more need for such a program than there is right now,” said Spieker. “Imagine the bond you’ll create within your family as you share the pure joy of playful movement and the life-long benefits you all will gain.”

About Railyard Fitness

Railyard Fitness introduced the indoor, portable, Railyard Obstacle Course in September 2007. The Course has garnered rave reviews from physical education, athletic conditioning, personal training and institutional fitness experts worldwide. Railyard Fitness is a wholly owned, trademarked, division and product line of TherapyZone, Inc. TherapyZone is an international leader in resistance and range of motion rehabilitation, pain management, and exercise products. To learn more, visit http://www.railyardfitness.com or call 877-787-0222.


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