/EINPresswire.com/ In 2011, thousands of first interviews took place via webcam. What started as a trend now makes incredible business sense.

As more and more companies come to realize the benefits of video interview technology, many are in need of further education. Within the next couple of years video will be a requirement for virtually every job application. Human Resources leadership needs help navigating these uncertain waters as many ages old paradigms are put to rest. To address these issues and more, TalentRooster is hosting an informational webinar on Wednesday February 15th at 4PM EST. Attendees will learn all they need to know about video technology, risks, rewards, costs and savings. It’s free and you can jump in or out at any time. Click Here To Join the WEBINAR!

Thousands of human resource and recruiting professionals are taking advantage of this time and money saving technology. The ability to see and hear a candidate answer questions relevant to your opening, before meeting in person just makes sense. Within the next couple of years it will be hard to imagine that video hasn’t always been part of the process. It will be like trying to remember what television was like before the advent of the remote control!

Many universities are taking advantage of this time saving technology by requiring candidates to submit a video with their application. Long gone are the days of submitting an admittance essay!

Recently TalentRooster signed a regional retail firm that receives over 15,000 applications per year. Managers were spending countless hours with unqualified candidates that were consuming resources – they needed a better way. Today, with TalentRooster technology, every candidate must submit a video as part of their normal applications process. Managers now have 24/7 access to view candidates videos and only schedule the cream of the crop for face to face interviews. The net effect has been huge savings of time and money, freeing up the managers to do their jobs and enjoy a better work / life balance.

Visit TalentRooster.com to learn how video can improve the talent acquisition process.

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TalentRooster is the premier provider of video interview software! Our technology enables companies to “see and hear” candidates answer questions of their choosing, BEFORE committing to an interview.

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