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Three Minnesotan filmmakers are asking America to “get behind the squirrel” and send their squirrel-themed advertisement to the world’s biggest stage. Eric Sturm, Erik Sudheimer and Michael Yaremchuk teamed up to enter a film in the “Chevrolet Route 66” contest. Of hundreds of entries received, theirs was one of 35 films selected for the finals and the only one featuring the controversial rodent. One winning film will be aired during the 2012 NFL Championship game, which boasts an annual viewership of more than 110 million.

The trio entered a piece entitled “Grandpa Get That Squirrel!,” which is not a typical car commercial. It depicts a Grandfather character who is determined to rid his yard of pesky squirrels. The viewer is taken on a wild trip through the old man’s garage – which just happens to be filled with smoke, a live rock band and bikini-clad girls – into his Chevrolet Equinox and to his back alley where he slowly chases after a man in a squirrel suit.

“There’s a certain ‘What the…?’ factor in this thing, and that’s intentional,” Yaremchuk said. “I think this commercial screams game day. Girls in bikinis, rock and roll, and a squirrel. It leaves you with the feeling, ‘What the hell did I just watch?'”

“The piece may leave you a little perplexed, but the conflict depicted will resonate with people,” Sudheimer said. “Since the commercial has been in the finals, we’ve been approached by a surprising number of people with their own squirrel story.”

Sturm added: “From the crazy uncle who chases squirrels with a broom to people who feed them like pets, they truly are America’s rodent. The world is kicking our ass in almost everything: industry, math, science. Our piece shows that if there’s one thing Americans are better at, it’s producing semi-humorous squirrel-based advertising. Let’s rally behind the squirrel!”

The winning film will air February 5th during the game.

For more information, please contact Eric Sturm at 612.840.0584 or [email protected]

View the film on National Squirrel Appreciation Day at http://chevroletroute66.msn.com/#/video/1330307277001.

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