America’s first choice to repair dentures, Denture Repair Lab, announces they now offer free overnight return shipping of original dentures, even to just fix a tooth. This faster service relieves most stress from needing denture repair.

/ North Providence, RI – For a person who wears dentures, one of the biggest inconveniences is denture repair time. For many, the thought of being without their “teeth” is unthinkable, especially with many clinics taking days or weeks to return original dentures to the patient. Denture Repair Lab, however, guarantees that they will include the return of original dentures to patients with free overnight shipping while they complete the requested service. Most customers utilize this benefit to also order a set of duplicate dentures, which give them the peace of mind of always having an extra set on hand.

In addition to offering this free overnight shipping to return a patient’s original dentures to them, Denture Repair Lab also ships duplicate dentures out with free priority mail. Never again do denture wearers have to worry about their teeth breaking, losing their dentures, or if they’ll ever get the same fit as their favorite set. The need to fix a tooth or an entire set can be quickly addressed without days or weeks of potential embarrassment or ill-fitting replacement dentures.

“Our customers have spoken, and they’ve told us they have put off the idea to repair dentures because of the wait to get their teeth back. We listened, and are happy to reassure all of our current and potential customers with our fast shipping options,” said Anna Freeman of Denture Repair Lab. (

Denture Repair Lab offers a wide range of options to repair dentures, all with the promise that the customer will be without their teeth for as short a time as possible.

“Customer service truly is our top priority. When we discovered that people were avoiding denture repair because of the potential wait, we knew we could help!” concluded Freeman.

About Denture Repair Lab
Established in 1998, Denture Repair Lab aims to provide same-day, affordable, and professional denture repair services directly to consumers. The company specializes in crown and bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, implant, and full-cast restorations. After serving thousands of customers in both the United States and Canada, Denture Repair Lab has never received negative feedback, proving their commitment to providing high quality, lost cost services.

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