Customers of America’s largest denture repair company will be pleased to discover that Denture Repair Lab can now whiten and brighten their smile when they order a duplicate denture. Teeth repair services are also available.

/ North Providence, RI — With daily wear and tear, dentures can become stained and dingy looking, just like regular teeth. Denture Repair Lab addresses this issue by offering customers to request a whiter shade of teeth when they order a duplicate denture. This can turn the opportunity to repair a tooth into a smile whitening treat, giving the customer more confidence. Duplicate dentures are handy to have just in case there is a need for teeth repair, updating, or a new duplicate.

Denture Repair Lab, known for their consistently high quality, low price denture repair, uses the leading denture acrylic in the world, guaranteeing that the duplicate dentures they produce will be as comfortable and as aesthetically pleasing (if not more so) than the original. Add to this the ability to choose a lighter shade of teeth, and customers often find themselves wearing their duplicate denture more often than their original.

“Customers often look forward to getting a new set of dentures, and allowing them to lighten and brighten their smile at the same time is a great bonus option. Our patients report that they also love that no dentist visit is required to place an order with us!” said Anna Freeman of Denture Repair Lab (

Having a brighter smile and a fresh set of dentures can make a patient feel more confident, both in their social life and at home. Customers can use the opportunity to fix dentures to also order a duplicate denture, and take advantage of having the original denture overnighted back for free, with the duplicate sent under free priority mail.

“We’ve tried to make fixing dentures and ordering duplicate dentures as quick and easy as possible. We know our customers cannot be without a denture for long at all, and we ensure we get their original sent back to them, same day!” concluded Freeman.

About Denture Repair Lab
Established in 1998, Denture Repair Lab aims to provide same-day, affordable, and professional denture repair services directly to consumers. The company specializes in crown and bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, implant, and full-cast restorations. After serving thousands of customers in both the United States and Canada, Denture Repair Lab has never received negative feedback, proving their commitment to providing high quality, lost cost services.

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