/EINPresswire.com/ In the hopes of encouraging more people to donate their time and talents, Sabah Kazmi is announcing her volunteer participation with Philabundance.

In the hopes of encouraging more people to donate their time and talents, Sabah Kazmi is announcing her volunteer participation with Philabundance. This is the Philadelphia area’s largest food bank, and the organization is currently in need of both food donations and volunteers.

“In the past, I’ve kept my volunteering activities to myself,” says Sabah Kazmi. “It’s something I do to help me give back to my friends and neighbors, and I haven’t wanted to publicize it far and wide. After all, I don’t donate my time to increase my fame or anything. But, I thought that if I point out my volunteer work, maybe I could inspire more people to give more freely of themselves and donate as well.”

Sabah Kazmi currently donates her time once per month. Philabundance doesn’t require volunteers to donate a specific amount of time each month, so busy people like Sabah Kazmi who often don’t have a significant amount of spare time can simply give the small amount of time that they do have.

“Many people have the mistaken impression that Philabundance volunteering will take up hours and hours of their time. This just isn’t true,” says Sabah Kazmi. “If I had to donate hours every week, I don’t think I could do it, as I am a full-time worker and a full-time student. Instead, I can just give a few hours per month, and this totally fits in my schedule.”

Philabundance serves low-income residents in the Philadelphia area who are at risk for malnutrition and hunger. The organization operates food cupboards, neighborhood distribution centers, emergency kitchens, shelters and much more.

“Obviously, it takes a large group of volunteers to run something this big,” says Sabah Kazmi. “With the difficult economy, the need is even greater. A large number of people need to access the services provided by Philabundance, and the volunteers help ensure that those services are actually in place to provide help.”

Sabah Kazmi reports that her volunteering also provides an emotional benefit. “Sometimes, I watch the news and I get so sad and I feel helpless,” she says. “By volunteering, I find that I’m actually involved in providing a solution and helping people. It makes me feel a bit less powerless and a bit more hopeful. That’s what I like about volunteering.”

About Sabah Kazmi

Sabah Kazmi is pursuing a masters of jurisprudence degree in corporate finance and business law from Widener University. With this degree, Sabah Kazmi will be able to provide some forms of legal advice to the companies she works for. Many financial institutions need this sort of legal oversight, so they can ensure that the steps they take are in compliance with state and federal laws. Sabah Kazmi will be able to provide this oversight with her degree. She looks forward to the career opportunities her new status will provide.

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