/EINPresswire.com/Experienced sports bettors are celebrating the New Year with toasts, returning to the days of ‘reduced juice’ on NFL and NBA betting at high limits at the new sportsbook, LowVig.com.

“At LowVig.com we focus on the most important entity in the sports betting industry – the Individual Bettor. We do this by offering reduced juice sports odds at high limits every day, on the NFL, NBA and every other major US sports,” said a LowVig.com spokesperson.

The “vig” in LowVig.com refers to the “vigorish,” or “juice” or “commission,” that a sportsbook or casino has on a game. Whereas most sportsbooks offer lines at -110 juice (lay $110 to win $100), LowVig.com offers theirs at -105 (lay $105 to win $100); or in other words a 50 percent discount on many sports.

At a typical sportsbook that uses the industry standard -110 juice, the bettor needs to win 52.38 percent of his wagers to simply break even. At LowVig.com a 52.38 percent win rate will yield a guaranteed profit. The following chart highlights the better value offered through reduced juice:

SportsbookJuiceBets PlacedBet AmountWin %Profit
Standard Book-11050 $100 52.38Break even
LowVig.com-10550 $100 52.38$118.95

Recreational bettors that wager $20 a game as well as seasoned pros that get down for LowVig.com’s max bet of $5,000 will win and save more at LowVig.com.

With proven numbers, experienced players are already flocking to LowVig.com in droves. However, many less-experienced bettors are still drawn by the competition’s sign-up and re-up bonuses, a proposition that often seems too good to be true. According to a LowVig.com spokesperson, it usually is.

“Recreational sportsbooks offer sign-up bonuses anywhere from 10 to 25 percent, which on the surface seems generous,” noted a LowVig.com spokesperson. “However, their rules are rigged against the bettor. High rollover requirements and other hurdles are always attached to the bonus, making them absolutely worthless. Reduced juice is much more valuable than any possible bonus because the player gets value on each and every bet placed. The educated sports bettor knows this.”

The LowVig.com site is specifically designed to allow bettors to get in, get down, and get out. The design is fast and light, and bets are placed in as few as two or three clicks.

Players using the site during the soft launch over the holidays consistently reported enjoying better odds than any other site. They were also pleased with fast deposits, especially via book-to-book transfers that LowVig.com has with other trusted and top-rated sportsbooks.

For complete details on the better sports betting value offered for the NFL Playoffs, the NBA, or any other US sport, visit LowVig.com.

LowVig.com does promise, and provide … Simply Better Value.

About LowVig.com

LowVig.com launched in 2011, with a ‘Simply Better Value’ guarantee which is expressed through reduced juice sports betting, horse rebates, poker rakeback and casino rebates; all day and every day. The ‘Simply Better Value’ guarantee is made possible because LowVig.com doesn’t spend large amounts on advertising campaigns, affiliate deals, or promotions. Instead, all of the value is passed on to the Individual Bettor; ensuring significant word of mouth advertising.

Bob Collins

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