Joffe Emergency Services will speak on the growing trend of school lockdowns and teach disaster preparedness strategies at two California educational conferences.

/ MONICA, CA – As the number of school lockdowns continues to rise, schools have new resources available to better prepare for these emergency situations. Disaster preparedness experts from Joffe Emergency Services will speak on the subject and teach disaster preparedness strategies at two upcoming school leadership conferences.

While attending the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Conference and the California Association of Independent Schools Conference, Joffe Emergency Services associates will meet with teachers, students, and staff from across the nation to advocate school preparedness for lockdown situations.

“The need for schools to prepare for lockdowns is so vitally important. We stock disaster kits, classroom lockdown kits and a wide variety of first aid supplies to keep schools up-to-date for lockdowns or other disasters,” says Chris Joffe, the company’s founder.

At the NAIS Conference, the company will give away classroom lockdown kits featuring emergency food rations and first aid supplies to last 72 hours, as well as a radio, duct tape, disinfectant and other items children may need access to in a lockdown scenario.

“Disaster preparedness extends far beyond the reach of the classroom. The culture of preparedness starts at home. If schools are prepared, it’s likely they will have better rates of survival after a disaster, and it’s also likely that the culture will be instilled from the leadership’s homes, students’ homes, and teachers’ homes,” noted Joffe.

The company has developed a fundraiser opportunity for schools to help raise up to 15% of each schools’ overall purchases from both students and staff. Joffe Emergency Services is giving back to participating schools to help further advance lockdown and disaster preparedness.

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Joffe Emergency Services ( is an all-in-one provider of response training and event safety materials for individuals, non-profits, schools and businesses. The company offers a wide variety of disaster kits, including first aid supplies and emergency food rations.

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