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Family Life Credit Services is pleased to announce that they are offering a free budget guide download to all those who are interested in learning more about budgeting and overcoming debt. This guide is available for download from their website (http://www.familylifecredit.org). With the economy we are living in today, budgeting has never been more important, which is why Family Life Credit Services is offering this guide for free.

There are several different steps that are listed in this guide that walk people through different aspects of budgeting and achieving financial freedom. The beginning part of the guide talks about debt itself. The guide explains that debt exists when 1) payment is past due for money, goods, or services, that owed to other people, 2) the total value of unsecured liabilities exceeds total assets, and/or 3)the family’s basic needs are not being met, producing anxiety in the area of financial responsibility.

The guide then lays out six steps to helping families becoming debt free.

1) Have a Written Plan

2) Determine Essentials for Living

3) Think Before Buying

4) Discontinue Credit Buying

5) Avoid Leverage

6) Practice Saving

Each step is explained in depth and offers some insight into how to achieve each step. F

After the six steps are listed the guide goes into topics of establishing the tithe, accepting God’s provision, keeping a clear conscience, putting others first, limiting time involvement, avoiding indulgence, and getting Christian counseling. These topics all lead up to the explanation of how to create a budget. This step-by-step explanation makes it very easy for families to begin creating a budget. The guide concludes with several helpful worksheets that will aid in the budget creation.

About Family Life Credit Services

Family Life Credit Services is nationwide nonprofit Christian Family Counseling agency founded in 1986. They were incorporated as Family Life Services Inc., D.B.A. Family Life Credit Services in 1989 and are currently located in West Fargo, North Dakota.

Family Life Credit Services is an organization of Christian credit counselors who provide confidential biblical Christian debt counseling help for individuals and families who have found themselves in financial crisis. Family Life Credit Services helps these people by analyzing their budget, discussing all the options they have including self payment, debt consolidation program, bankruptcy, personal loans, etc. They do all of this without making any personal judgments about clients the circumstances leading up to their situation. Family Life is not a loan company, nor do they file bankruptcy claims.

All of the counselors at Family Life Credit Services are certified through an independent agency and are required to complete 20 continuing education hours every two years. All of their counselors are highly compassionate and understand that during life’s journey, people often travel through some rough patches. They understand that although some of these rough patches are self-inflicted, other circumstances are completely out of anyone’s control. Many of Family Life’s credit counselors have been there shoes before and they know what it’s like to have creditors calling. Through their own experiences and their education, one can be sure that they will listen and do what they can to offer assistance, relief, and direction.

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