/EINPresswire.com/Letter carrier Sullivan Brill has created Letter, Lens, Looking Glass: A Portland Postman’s Radio Cartoon. He calls the program “a humorous reaction to the economic uncertainty epitomized by the Postal Service.”

Sullivan Brill’s Letter, Lens, Looking Glass is a 12 character audio drama based on mail delivery, offered free of charge.

“Of course, letter stands for the Postal Service. The lens is my observation as a Postman. And looking glass is the glimpse at my inner self. I balanced these elements with music, sound effects, and voice acting. It’s the difference between mailing a letter, and delivering it. It’s a thing called life,” said Brill.

The setting for this audio play is “The City of Roses,” Portland, OR.

“Letter carriers are part of the fabric of our society. In the middle class and poor neighborhoods of Portland, we take a unique snapshot of the good, the bad, and what’s left. Laughter is a soothing balm, a buffer to the stresses and strains that affect all of us. It’s my hope that this funny portal into the world of the Post Office brings a smile to many faces,” said Brill.

Sullivan Brill has been a letter carrier for the past 5 years. He also worked as a postal clerk for 20 years at the downtown Portland main office, and at Piedmont Station in NE Portland.

This audio cartoon can be downloaded at http://www.letterlens.com.

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