/EINPresswire.com/Cyberattacks are a risk for every business. In a world where attacks on networks and applications are growing in numbers, and where the penalties incurred by organisations for failing to defend against such attacks are becoming ever steeper; effective Penetration Testing is a necessity. Effective Penetration Testing involves the simulation of a malicious attack against the security measures under test, often using a combination of methods and tools, and conducted by a certificated, ethical professional tester. It is the only way of establishing that your networks and applications are truly secure.

‘Penetration Testing: Protecting Networks and Systems’, provides a business aligned approach to penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. With a combination of attack and defense methods, this book will provide readers with a greater understanding of the thoughts, motives and actions of an attacker against an organisation, helping them to improve the level of protection on their networks and systems. More about the book can be found here www.itgovernance.co.uk/products/3823.

The book discusses the management and planning side of penetration testing, focusing on the skills one will need to plan, conduct and report on the security of a system, network and organisation. This will enable individuals to understand how to make a difference in the reliability and resilience of their organisation. Mile2’s CEO, Raymond Friedman, notes that “This book provides a practitioner with a foundational methodology towards network penetration testing”

‘Penetration Testing: Protecting Networks and Systems’ can also be utilised as a Certified Penetration Testing Engineer Exam Prep Guide.

‘Penetration Testing: Protecting Networks and Systems’ should be read by many, including Penetration Testers, or those studying for the CPTE Exam and Ethical Hackers. Penetration testing is an essential component in any ISO27001 ISMS – so auditors, security officers and security personnel should also read this book to understand the vital role Penetration Testing plays in protecting organisations from cyber attacks.

Jared Carstensen, Deloitte & Touch, comments, ‘This book does a great job of being a great resource for a technical person, or a fantastic educational insight into penetration testing for a business person’.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance adds, ‘A business aligned approach to penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, this guide truly will enable readers to better defend their systems, intellectual property and values!’

‘Penetration Testing: Protecting Networks and Systems’ can be purchased in multiple formats from www.itgovernance.co.uk/products/3823 (UK) for £24.95, www.itgovernanceusa.com/product/2518.aspx US) for $29.95 and www.itgovernance.eu/p-887.aspx (EU) for €35,95.

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