/EINPresswire.com/ Special Report highlights 18 vendors in four technology markets.

Aragon Research, a new technology focused research and advisory firm committed to providing thought leading strategic research and trusted advisory services, announced its Hot Vendor Special Report today that features four research notes that overview 18 vendors. The four markets that are covered in this set of special reports are:

•Content Management
•Social, Idea Management
•Learning, HCM and Talent Management

Jim Lundy, CEO and Founder of Aragon Research commented, “Nearly every vendor we looked at was leveraging the Cloud to offer their products and Services. Cloud is proving to be a differentiator in how software is delivered and the pace at which new releases occur.”

Content Management
Aragon Research has found that rapid change is occurring in content management. Not only is the cloud causing significant change in the ability to simply and quickly share content, additional features including mobile support are expanding.

In the emerging Tablet Era, managing mobility is a growing priority for enterprises, particularly as people gravitate to these and other mobile devices. Enterprise mobile management is a relatively new area, and it is consolidating both device and application management categories. Attention to vendors and products in early stages is required to get on top of this fast moving area.

Innovation and agility are essential for businesses to remain competitive. Tools for brainstorming and idea generation are growing in interest and importance.

Enterprise social initiatives can be greatly enhanced when integrated with core business processes and functions. Look for increasing activity in the area of profile and expertise location tools to enhance Learning, HCM and Talent Management.

For more details on these reports, go to aragonresearch.com

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