/EINPresswire.com/ The Eat-Stop-Eat diet by Brad Pilon is the diet that started the weight loss industry on intermittent fasting and it continues to be the go-to diet for many.

Since the release of the Eat-Stop-Eat diet by Brad Pilon back in 2007, dieting and losing weight has never looked back. Although the notion of intermittent fasting was somewhat new and still looked upon by many as an “extreme dieting” approach, the dieting industry is still transforming because of it. In fact, whenever a new diet hits the market, it’s almost a given that it is going to have some type of fasting aspect built in.

While the diet was a little slow to start, it has continually gained popularity and backing. When it first came out, the Eat-Stop-Eat diet was backed mainly by fitness enthusiasts. Since then fitness bloggers are putting out one review after another. Why? Because the diet works!

In addition to being a fat loss diet, Eat-Stop-Eat is also immensely popular do to the appeal of the lifestyle change. Yes, there are many crash-course diets out there that promise amazing weight loss but Eat-Stop-Eat is different. Instead of promoting extreme eating habits or the latest fads in the weight loss industry, Brad Pilon’s diet promises long term success and is backed by a 60, money back guarantee. If the diet doesn’t work after 10, 30 or even 59 days, email Brad and let him know … that’s it. In reality it’s nice that the guarantee is there but it is very unlikely that it will be needed.

Even for those who’s main goal is to simply maintain a lean and toned figure, this could be one of the best diet choices. Without the restrictions of eating exact macros, calories and food types, Eat-Stop-Eat delivers freedom and flexibility.

What about slowing down the metabolism? In the Eat-Stop-Eat diet Pilon cites scientific research and shows that sciences proves the exact opposite. Short term fasting, as outlined in this diet, actually increases the activity of fat burning enzymes. The old-school notion of eating 5-6 small meals per day to boost the metabolism is now known to be pure hype. It is simply not true.

All in all, Eat-Stop-Eat not only started moving the dieting and weight loss industry in the right direction, it continues to refine, improve and push the boundaries of fat loss. Some follow this diet while their main goal is to lose fat while others follow this diet even while on a muscle building program.

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