/EINPresswire.com/ Online retailer Bearcat Warehouse is pleased to offer new model bearcat scanners and police scanners, ideal for staying informed and in touch in case of a Category Four storm causing telecommunications to fail.

An above average hurricane season is once again upon the United States. With experts predicting at least 12 tropical storms and 6 hurricanes, and at least 2 of those being considered major hurricanes, it seems the eastern seaboard is in for a rollercoaster ride yet again this summer.

For those who are tired of spending the days after the storm scrambling for news, Bearcat Warehouse is now offering Bearcat scanners, as well as police scanners, both of which are designed to keep regular citizens informed about what is going on around them. When newer technologies fail, the scanners still work, making it much easier to stay in the loop. A police scanner is ideal for those concerned about public safety and looting. With a police scanner, citizens can monitor exactly what the police are doing or planning to do, and which areas are in danger.

“Most of our customers in the regions that get affected by these storms say it’s not the actual period of the storm that is difficult, but the period directly after, when they are cut off from any and all news. Basic things like which roads are open, when the power will return, or even if the storm is entirely passed are important for them to know,” said Michael Walters, a spokesperson from Bearcat Warehouse.

“Scanners rely on an older technology, but that’s part of the reason they work so well in these situations,” he continued. “Sometimes, the newest thing is not necessarily the best. Smartphones, IPads, and all similar things will only last a short time once the power goes out. Scanners come from a time where regular electricity was still a fairly new thing.”

Many of the Bearcat Scanners can be mounted in the car, meaning they will still be operational if the power in the home goes out. The handheld police scanner units can be pre-charged and kept ready in the days before a storm, so they too can work if there is a loss of power.

About Bearcat Warehouse:
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Rebecca Grosh

PR Courtesy of Online PR Media