/EINPresswire.com/ TellTale from Jiggly Games is the first group storytelling game for the iPhone. It lets you build stories with your friends 1-2 lines at a time. It’s a game and a social networking platform that creates an entirely new way to connect and have fun with friends and family.

Jiggly Games – a start-up focusing on socially creative mobile applications – has just released a new iphone app called TellTale. Following the huge success of “Draw Something,” it could be the logical next step in socially creative gaming.

TellTale is the first group storytelling app available on the iPhone. The game itself is refreshingly simple: players build stories with friends — one or two lines at a time. It’s like the classic group storytelling game, “Story Chain,” but with full facebook integration and a range of cool features.

TellTale gives players the option to create a unique Pen Name, then the interactive Genre Wheel lets them select from 48 entertaining genre combinations. For example, players can write a Silly Western, a Scary Sci-Fi, or a Romantic Mystery. After selecting the genre, players invite up to three co-authors, then start the story by creating a title and first line. Game players can also try using the TellTale Inspiration Button, which offers over 100 entertaining titles to give players a creative boost. After writing the first line and hitting send, the story is underway. Each co-author contributes up to 120 characters, then passes the story on and waits for their next turn. Stories take unexpected twists that might shock, inspire or amuse. Much of the fun from this new iPhone app comes from the unexpected contributions from the other co-authors.

With TellTale there are no right or wrong answers. This new iPhone app is all about having fun with friends, being creative, being entertained, and sharing stories with others. When a story is finished, all of the co-authors have the option share it with friends on facebook. The more players write and share, the more TellTale Fame Points they earn. There is a comprehensive video tutorial on the TellTaleNetwork youtube channel.

“TellTale is extremely easy to play, even if you don’t think you’re that creative. The game is great because it’s easy to be creative in small doses – you don’t have to write a novel, just 1-2 lines to keep the story moving,” says Jiggly Games co-founder Lars Kendall.

While the game is full of fun and laughs, the social aspect of this group storytelling app gives users an entirely new way to connect with friends and family. The act of creating a story together offers rich social interaction -whether it’s between parents and kids, spouses, good friends, or new acquaintances.

“We’re probably most excited about the new way to connect with friends old and new. Creating a story together is such a highly rewarding social interaction, and it’s already helping to strengthen friendships and develop entirely new relationships,” says co-founder Nick Sorrells.

The ad-based version of TellTale is free, or get the ad-free version for just 99¢. TellTale is currently available on the iPhone and iPad, but Jiggly Games is preparing to release an Android version as well, plus a version that can be played directly from Facebook.

About Jiggly Games llc:
Jiggly Games strives to create fun and entertaining ways to connect with friends, and be creative at the same time. You can contact Jiggly Games at [email protected] or by visiting www.TellTaleApp.com or by checking them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/telltalestories.

Zach Sorrells
Jiggly Games

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