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Gary Roberts & Associates today announced a plan to discreetly assist families seeking the court’s help in providing drug and alcohol treatment to addicted loved ones through the Marchman Act. The Florida Marchman Act is a means of providing an individual in need of substance abuse services with emergency services and temporary detention for substance abuse evaluation and treatment (when required), either on a voluntary or involuntary basis. The key to this court order is that the impaired individual must comply with the drug and alcohol, assessment, stabilization and treatment or face consequences.

“When we see our loved ones suffering from addiction or alcoholism, sometimes our only recourse is to use the court system to get them help,” said attorney, Susan B. Ramsey, of Gary Roberts & Associates, “We want to let people know that we can use the Marchman Act to get a client in front of the court in ten days so that their loved one can start on the road to recovery before it’s too late.”

Drug use in America is a more commonplace than it once was. In today’s teenage population over 90 percent have used alcohol. Over 50 percent have used marijuana, 17 percent admit to trying cocaine and 12.5 percent have used some form of hallucinogen.

“Given the overwhelming drug and alcohol abuse epidemic here in Florida, I believe that the Marchman Act can benefit all of us,” remarked Gary Roberts. “We are there for our clients, working in absolute confidence, to stand with them in court and guide them in getting their loved ones help. Unfortunately, issues like this can cause a family embarrassment and undue stress. Therefore, we work with the utmost discretion and speed because we understand the urgency of the situation.”

The civil trial lawyers at Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. include a board certified neurosurgeon engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery for more than thirty-five (35) years as well as an experienced former registered nurse at Yale-New Haven Hospital. All of our lawyers, with their medical background, working together with our board certified civil trial lawyer, provide incredible insight into the issues faced in the area of substance abuse. Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. is unique and one of very few law firms across the country having the depth of medically trained trial lawyers.

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