08/08/2012 (press release: grlpub) // Austin, TX, USA // Alex Gurevich

PersonalizedCampaign.com is a new personal URL software released by GRL Publishing can help direct mail marketers to increase ROI on their mailing campaigns.

Personal URL marketing isn’t new. It consists of a direct mail piece with a personal URL link that invites the recipient to a website for a special offer.

Inclusions of personalization in letters and postcards has been proven to increase the response on direct mail. Adding personalized URL further increases the reader’s urge to visit the website and check the offer.

Finally web page with a personal URL that is customized to a visitor can move the sale even further. However, even most personalized URL software solutions only manage to convert a small number of visitors.

The newly release version of personal URL software goes one step further. It tracks all visitors who responded to the campaign but didn’t take action on the website. This feature allows a marketer to focus his follow up attention only on mail recipients who responded to the campaign. This is a lot cheaper alternative to re-mailing the campaign to the entire initial list again.

More information on Boston wedding venues and other local area wedding service providers can be found on YouTube at http://personalizedcampaign.com

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